Webservices from systems written in python

Gustavo Maggi from Latinux kindly contributed the following code to make python apps (in this case OpenERP) able to consume Chamilo's webservices:

# Root de chamilo

url_root = ''

# Conexión
from SOAPpy import SOAPProxy
server = SOAPProxy(url_root+'/main/webservices/soap.php' )

import hashlib
import urllib2 as wget

security_key= '5aaaaaa558f0f090140604c26706e180'  # Se encuentra en el archivo main/inc/conf/configuration.php línea 115
my_ip = wget.urlopen(url_root+'/main/webservices/testip.php').readlines()[0][:-1]
secret_key = hashlib.sha1(my_ip+security_key).hexdigest()