UTF-8 install

  • install Dokeos * cd $portal/main/lang * remove every lang_unicode that needs to be re-generated * generate the list of languages that should be converted to UTF-8
for i in `ls -c1 | grep -v unicode`; do if [ ! -d ${i}_unicode -a -d ${i} ]; then echo $i; fi; done > /tmp/list
  • convert these language file
for i in `cat /tmp/list` ; do echo $i; sudo  mkdir ${i}_unicode; for j in $i/*; do sudo iconv -f iso-8859-15 -t utf-8  $j  -o `echo $j| sed -e 's/\//_unicode\//'`; done; done
  • set UTF-8 as the default encoding via Dokeos Web administration interface (first page - platform configuration) * update the path to every language :
mysql -uDBUSER -pDBPASS PREFIX_dokeos_main -h dokeos-HA-mysql -e "update language set dokeos_folder=concat(dokeos_folder,'_unicode');" 
  • update the name of the language in the dokeos_main.course table
update course set course_language = concat(course_language, '_unicode'); 
  • creating new home pages in www/home
sudo cp home_menu_english.html   home_menu_english_unicode.html 
sudo cp home_news_english.html home_news_english_unicode.html
sudo cp home_notice_english.html home_notice_english_unicode.html
sudo cp home_top_english.html home_top_english_unicode.html

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