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Yannick Warnier, 03/02/2022 14:25

Official Developers

The title of official developer is only given to a handful of developers who have proven to be consistent in the quality of their contributions over a period of 3 months
See Becoming official developer for details.

Given the high number of installed Chamilo LMS portals (more than 30,000 in February 2016), official developers have the responsibility of reviewing all code sent as contribution by third parties for bugs, regressions, vulnerabilities and usability damage before they integrate it to the Chamilo LMS code.
They also must know and manage all branches of the Chamilo code and have a good understanding of all parallel projects (Chash, Mobile Chamilo, Chamilo-Munin, etc)

The current official developers are (in firstname's alphabetical order):
  • Angel Quiroz (BeezNest Latino)
  • Yannick Warnier (BeezNest Belgium)
  • Nicolas Ducoulombier (LDD/BeezNest)
  • Christian Fasanando (BeezNest Latino)
  • Hubert Borderiou (Université de Grenoble)

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