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Report ideas

In terms of administration of multiple Chamilo portals or unique very large portals, the following reports might be useful

  • active users on each portal
  • number of registered users on each portal
  • number of registered teachers on each portal
  • number of courses
  • number of non-closed courses
  • total number of users-courses registrations
  • total space used by one portal
  • number of connections to portal


To enable any of these scripts:
  1. make sure it runs by executing it on the command line (from anywhere): php5 script.php
  2. place a link to it from the /etc/munin/plugins/ directory

Active users on each portal

// This first section is to allow the script to show a documentation page with munindoc
$doc = <<<CUT
=head1 NAME

chamilo_active_users - Munin plugin to monitor the number of live connections on Chamilo portals.


Chamilo 1.* web application.


The plugin needs access to the root web directory /var/www (or any other path
given in $bd) in order to scan for Chamilo installations. It also offers a way to
define subdirs if your Chamilo portals are generally stored under two folder
levels inside /var/www/. The plugin also needs the possibility to execute PHP
on the command line (php-cli package) and to connect to a MySQL database
(php5-mysql package).


The plugin shows the number of active users at any given time for any
Chamilo portal found in the given path, indicating the URL of the 
corresponding portal.


  #%# family=auto
  #%# capabilities=autoconf

=head1 BUGS

None known of

=head1 VERSION


=head1 AUTHOR

Yannick Warnier <>

=head1 LICENSE


ini_set('error_reporting','E_ALL & ~E_WARNING & ~E_NOTICE');
$bd = '/var/www'; // set to your web root
$sub = '/www'; // set to any suffix you have after the virtual host directory
$last_connect_minutes = 5; // set to any max timespan within which you want to measure connections

// call the function defined below to get the connections for all portals
$connections = get_connections($bd, $sub, $last_connect_minutes);

// check for the config param
if ( !empty($argv[1]) && $argv[1] == 'config') {
  // Global Munin attributes, see
  echo "graph_title Chamilo active users\n";
  echo "graph_args --lower-limit 0\n";
  echo "graph_category chamilo\n";
  echo "graph_info This graph shows the number of connected users on Chamilo portals over time.\n";
  echo "graph_vlabel Users in last $last_connect_minutes min\n";
  echo "graph_scale off\n";
  // Define information for each portal
  foreach ($connections as $portal => $num) {
    echo "portal$portal.label Host $portal\n";
    echo "portal$portal.type DERIVE\n";
    //echo "portal$portal.max 500\n"; //useless
    echo "portal$portal.min 0\n";
    echo "portal$portal.warning 50\n";
    echo "portal$portal.critical 250\n";
    echo "portal$portal.draw LINE2\n";
// if it was not a config call, then show the *values* for each portal
if (is_array($connections) && count($connections)>0) {
  foreach ($connections as $portal => $num) {
    echo "portal$portal.value $num\n";
} else {
  exit -1;

 * Gets the number of active users on all the portals that can be found
 * inside the given documents root
 * @param  string  Document root
 * @param  string  Suffix (if any)
 * @param  int     Number of minutes during which a user is considered active after his last action
function get_connections($bd='/var/www', $sub='', $last_connect_minutes=5) {
  $connections = array();
  $last_connect_minutes = intval($last_connect_minutes);
  $list = scandir($bd);
  // Browse all directories
  foreach ($list as $dir) {
    // Skip system directories
    if (substr($dir,0,1)=='.' or $dir == 'lost+found') continue;
    // Check for the existence of configuration.php (represents an active Chamilo install)
    if (is_file($bd.'/'.$dir.$sub.'/main/inc/conf/configuration.php')) {
        // Get the database connection information from there
        $inc = include_once($bd.'/'.$dir.$sub.'/main/inc/conf/configuration.php');
        $dbh = mysql_connect($_configuration['db_host'],$_configuration['db_user'],$_configuration['db_password']);
        if ($inc!==false && $dbh!==false) {
                $db = $_configuration['statistics_database'];
                $current_date=date('Y-m-d H:i:s',time());
                $track_online_table = $db.'.track_e_online';
                $query = "SELECT count(login_user_id) ".
                    " FROM ".$track_online_table .
                    " WHERE DATE_ADD(login_date, ".
                    " INTERVAL $last_connect_minutes MINUTE) >= '".$current_date."'  ";
                $res = mysql_query($query);
                if ( $res === false ) {
                        $num = 0;
                        //echo "          There was a query error for the following portal\n";
                } else {
                        $row = mysql_fetch_row($res);
                        $num = $row[0];
                //echo sprintf("[%7d]",$num)." users connected to ".$_configuration['root_web']." last $last_connect_minutes'\n";
                $connections[str_replace('.','_',substr($_configuration['root_web'],7,-1))] = $num;
                $match_count += $num;
        } else {
                //echo "$bd/$dir$sub:could not open configuration.php or database:\n";
  return $connections;

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