Moodle import

Moodle course import feature

The Moodle course import feature can be found inside the maintenance tool of any Chamilo course, starting from version 1.11. It is meant to support content from Moodle 2.7, but it is very likely it will support a much larger range of Moodle version given the fact that this format changed very little over time.

This page acts as a central reference for any progress made on this import feature. At the moment, the course importer supports the following data sets, depending on the Chamilo version.

Chamilo 1.11.0

  • Documents (Moodle's "Resources")
  • Links
  • Forums
  • Exercises
    • Some question types might not be supported
    • Some features of the exercises (like deciding how many questions show per page) are not supported yet
    • Multiple questions (grouping questions into the same question) are not supported

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