Chamilo LMS FAQ

Chamilo Installation

Error 500 on new course page

Q: I just installed Chamilo LMS (successfully), but when creating a course, I get a blank screen (or an Error 500 message) on the course homepage. What did I do wrong?

A: There is nothing wrong with that and you don't need to re-install Chamilo to fix it. This is possibly the most reported problem when installing Chamilo, and equally the most frequently answered question on our forum. It is due to restrictive accesses on your web server. Got to the "Administration" tab, "Configuration Settings" link and click the "Security" icon (the police hat). Then look for "New directories permissions" and "New files permissions". You'll find two values there (probably 777 and 666). Try playing with them a little, saving every attempts then trying to create a new course with those settings. Usually, the settings that could work are:

Attempt # Directories Files
1 0777 0666
2 0755 0644
3 0750 0640
4 0770 0660
5 0700 0600

Chamilo Configuration

Configuring browscap

Q: In the administration pages, the system status page for PHP ( reports that browscap.ini is not correctly configured (the icon is orange). How do I fix it?

A: You need root access to your server, then:
  • Download the latest version of browscap.ini (for PHP) from
  • Save it as /etc/php5/conf.d/browscap.ini
  • Edit your PHP configuration file (if Apache under Linux, probably /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini) and locate the "browscap" comment
  • Add the browscap = /etc/php5/conf.d/browscap.ini line
  • Save the php.ini
  • Reload Apache (usually /etc/init.d/apache2 reload)

Note that the latest browscap.ini doesn't work with PHP 5.4. You'll have to edit the file first with a little script to escape the ";" characters, as explained in

Chamilo Administration

Enabling extra features

Q: How do I enable extra features mentioned as being part of Chamilo?

A: There are several features of Chamilo which are not enabled by default, like the voice recorded, the webcam snapshot feature and a series of others. This is mainly because these features might not work seamlessly on all browsers. As such, you (as an admin) are required to enable, test and then decide if these are a good option for you.
To enable them, go to the "Administration" tab, "Configuration Settings" link and click the "Tools" icon (the coloured blocks in podium). Look for the feature and enable it, then go back to the course to try it. Some options might be stored under other icons of this section. Look for them with the search bar.

Chamilo Teaching

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