Becoming official (core) developer

Becoming an official developer of Chamilo LMS is not easy, but provided regular contributions and a real love of coding, any experienced PHP developer is able to get there.

By becoming an official developer, you get a very exclusive access to Chamilo. You are allowed to send code directly to Chamilo or approve other's contributions. You are part of the core developers team.

The official core developer title represents a great honor and a great responsibility. You will be part of a regularly updated list of only a few people with this type of access. Your spirit will fuel the Chamilo project and will help develop better, more accessible education worldwide. As of 2016 (6 years into the project), there are 7 official core developers. Welcome to the club!
(You can see the full list here if you have a Github account:

You can also be an officially recognized Chamilo contributor, without the need of a direct access to the Chamilo code, like one of our designers is.


First, make sure you read this wiki's information. There's not too much about it. In about 4h, you should have gotten a good idea of the structure of Chamilo and how to get around its code and database, and how to submit pull requests (our way to accept contributions). Also check for a few useful links.


Second, we expect you to contribute to Chamilo. Contributing means sending us Pull Requests (PR) on Github. This is our only way to review your code, make comments, make sure you follow the rules, and improve Chamilo in the process.

Persistence, respect and personal touch

Once you have sent a few PR, we will try to get in contact with you. Either through IRC, e-mail, or some videoconferencing mechanism. We need to know who you are, that your intentions are good and for how long you are willing to get involved in the project. We need to make sure we're not doing all the effort to have you disappear. This generally goes with some personal conviction or professional activity.

We expect a Chamilo LMS Core Developer to be persistent in his/her attention to the code quality and the usability of Chamilo. We also expect him to respect others in the team and the Chamilo LMS users. Finally, we highly regard the contribution of personal appreciation and suggestions to the development of the software.

Minimum contribution

We expect the following criterias to be met before we upgrade your role:
  • at least 3 months of regular contributions (once per week)
  • at least 50 considerable commits (more than visual or one-line changes) that affect the core code of Chamilo and possibly some plugin
  • contributions in at least one of communication channels of Chamilo (IRC, forum, mailing-list or this portal)
  • coherent reporting of code changes on this portal (see current tasks to understand how it's done)

Approval request

Once you believe you have reached the minimum requirements, send me an e-mail at . I will be pleased to review your request.
Sometimes, we might decide to contact you on our own (like we did for half of the current official developers).

Responsibilities of the official developer

We expect the Official Chamilo LMS Core Developers to:
  • keep up to date with code changes (they get them in their e-mail directly from Github)
  • maintain a regular presence on our IRC channel (#chamilo on Freenode)
  • contribute to the development documentation (not necessarily write documentation, but at least review existing documentation)

Expiration of the official developer role

The official developer title is independent from any organization. Once assigned, it can only be removed if:
  • the developer has been inactive (in terms of code contributions) for 12 months or more
  • the developer has intentionally sent damaging or erroneous code to the Chamilo repository

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