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Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
10/01/2013 Yoselyn Castillo Development Feature #5298: Peso del profesor en la session actual 6.00 Actions
22/09/2011 Julio Montoya Development Feature #3910: Single course database (in chamilo_main ) 6.00 Actions
27/10/2011 Julio Montoya Development Feature #1791: Skills management Adding database tables, integrating jsplumb 6.00 Actions
22/07/2014 Julio Montoya Development Feature #7124: Refactor Chamilo boot up process. 6.00 Actions
07/03/2011 Julio Montoya Development Feature #2974: Adding new exercise options: Direct feedback and hotspot delineation - polygone 6.00 Actions
28/10/2011 Julio Montoya Development Feature #1791: Skills management still working in jsplumb + relating skills with the gradebook 6.00 Actions
05/09/2015 José Loguercio Development Feature #7181: Upgrade JPEGCam to WebCamJS 6.00 Actions
28/10/2014 Alejandro Gallardo Development Feature #7344: Mejorar el filtrado de usuarios y grupos en la red social 6.00 Actions
11/11/2014 Arturo Mora-Soto Design Support #7391: General Mockups for the Chamilo LMS Open-Badges Plug-in First version of the Open Badges Plug-in mockups. 6.00 Actions
13/10/2015 Angel Quiroz Development Bug #7881: Diseño de badges malogrado Agregar página de de criterios 6.03 Actions
22/10/2014 Alex Aragon Support Feature #7272: Extend buy_course plugin to include sessions 6.04 Actions
01/08/2011 Yannick Warnier Development Support #3749: Packaging Bugs review 6.08 Actions
16/10/2014 Daniel Barreto Support Feature #7273: Add pagination in courses catalog 6.12 Actions
23/09/2014 Daniel Barreto Support Feature #7255: ( Forum) Foro > Tema de Foro > no permite subir más de 1 adjunto 6.18 Actions
26/08/2012 Yannick Warnier Development Feature #5275: Add Tagalog to languages table Improved most-used language files feature and generated 10000 words list of most common terms 6.19 Actions
22/09/2015 Alex Aragon Design Feature #7539: Update bootstrap to latest version 3 Creando nuevas hojas de estilos 6.24 Actions
27/06/2015 Alex Aragon Design Feature #7614: Course home tools icons edition Propuesta de diseño y maquetación para estructura 6.28 Actions
17/01/2013 Yannick Warnier Development Support #5742: Packaging 1.9.4 Adjustments and packaging stable 6.30 Actions
25/07/2010 Yannick Warnier Development Feature #1748: packaging and project management Closing and moving bugs 6.31 Actions
16/10/2012 Yannick Warnier Development Feature #5658: Responsive design enhancements Improving responsive design + a lot of testing on FF 6.32 Actions
31/03/2016 Angel Quiroz Development Feature #8134: Setting to allow teachers to select the course template when creating a course Enviar a 1.11.x y master 6.34 Actions
10/11/2015 Alex Aragon Support Feature #7951: Integrar LESS o SASS en Chamilo [master] Investigacion SASS - LESS, comparación y documentacion de uso de ambas tecnologias 6.38 Actions
25/10/2014 Alex Aragon Support Feature #7347: Skills wheel style review (Rueda de competencias) 6.40 Actions
24/05/2013 Yannick Warnier Development Support #6060: Packaging 1.9.6 Packaging 6.41 Actions
28/05/2011 Yannick Warnier Development Support #2754: 1.8.8 packaging More packaging and translations work (including documentation on and phplangeditor fixes) 6.41 Actions
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