From 16/03/2011 to 14/04/2011


11:26 Bug #3255 (Bug resolved): Import of users exported by Chamilo doesn't work.
The export function in the user administration doesn't export all fields that are required to import back into chamil... Anonymous


14:13 Bug #3215 (Needs testing): Registration not possible
The check if a user exists is fooled by the anonymous user... remove the check and the registration problem is solved... Anonymous
13:49 Bug #3215 (Assigned): Registration not possible
14:10 Usability #3247 (New): Official Code always displayed on self register
The official code is somewhat specific to certain platforms... and most of the time the users on these platforms (suc... Anonymous


08:27 Bug #3215 (Bug resolved): Registration not possible
I've switched the settings to allow users to manually register, but every time I click on the button to register (hom... Anonymous


13:57 Bug #3200 (Bug resolved): Fatal error when clicking 'My Account'
Michael Hosdez
08:55 Bug #3200 (Needs testing): Fatal error when clicking 'My Account'
This is fixed already! Sven Vanpoucke


16:11 Bug #3201 (Bug resolved): call to undefined function on create user (dev)
When creating a user, we get a fatal error: from tracking:
call to undefined function run() on a non-object (see a...
16:05 Bug #3200 (Bug resolved): Fatal error when clicking 'My Account'
Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in /var/www/chamilo/common/libraries/php/application.class... Michael Hosdez


15:30 Bug #2462: Error when I try to remove some users
the fix for this issue breaks the user-browser in the admin when the weblcms has not been installed Nathalie Blocry


09:36 Feature #2782 (Feature implemented): Authentication:add support for external authentication in the back form
see #2783 resolved issue by autoforwarding in Shibboleth Authentication to the Shibb login form. Laurent Opprecht
09:28 Feature #2783 (Needs testing): Authentication: autologin for shibboleth
Added autoforwarding for widget and backform support
Added settings in admin
Difficult to test without installing...
Laurent Opprecht

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