From 18/02/2011 to 19/03/2011


09:36 Feature #2782 (Feature implemented): Authentication:add support for external authentication in the back form
see #2783 resolved issue by autoforwarding in Shibboleth Authentication to the Shibb login form. Laurent Opprecht
09:28 Feature #2783 (Needs testing): Authentication: autologin for shibboleth
Added autoforwarding for widget and backform support
Added settings in admin
Difficult to test without installing...
Laurent Opprecht


15:20 Bug #2866 (Bug resolved): User - remove administration rights from user has no effect
Stefaan Vanbillemont


14:53 Bug #3012 (New): My Account: change theme does't work
If you change the theme in My Account only the My Account theme is changed.
If you go to another tab. For example ho...
Laurent Opprecht


09:38 Bug #2979 (Bug resolved): The mail with the temporary key to reset password is not sent
The problem is in the way the @Mail::factory@ method (in @common/libraries/php/mail@) works : if @from@ is not set, t... Goulwen Reboux


09:16 Feature #2977 (New): Support gravatar for pictures?
Get the user picture from Gravatar instead of letting users to upload it? Laurent Opprecht


14:42 Feature #2958 (Bug resolved): which groups does a user belong to
a user should be able to view his group-memberships
also in admin this feature should be available
Jens Vanderheyden


19:40 Bug #2918: Profile picture not possible with Internet Explorer
Error message (as a student): Form has errors, please complete the form
"Only images allowed"
Michael Hosdez
19:38 Bug #2918 (Bug resolved): Profile picture not possible with Internet Explorer
It's not possible to upload a profile (user) picture with Internet Explorer.
It's tested with IE 8.
Michael Hosdez

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