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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version % Done
7004 BugNewNormalattachment upload failureAnonymous

6678 BugNeeds testingNormalafter merge dev-> stable: can no longer add documents or filesAnonymousHans De BisschopLCMS 4 Beta

6395 BugNeeds testingHighProblem with path separator on Windows when importing ZIP fileAnonymousLCMS 4

6371 FeatureNewLowConvert underscores to spaces and decode URL-encoded filenames when uploading files/zipsAnonymousBacklog (default)

5917 BugNeeds testingLowSharing content objects sometimes shares with wrong userAnonymousLCMS 3.1

5902 UsabilityNewNormalcourse group subscribe icon not clearAnonymousLCMS 3.1

5898 BugNewHigherror: 'multiple headers received from server' when downloading documentsAnonymousLCMS 3.1

5409 UsabilityNewNormalSend email when publication period is chosenAnonymousBacklog (default)

5293 BugNewNormalBlank page on repository zip-exportAnonymousLCMS 3.1

5107 BugNewNormalrepo/my views: bug with description & feedbackAnonymousBacklog (default)

5099 BugNewNormalassignments: in ck-editor included objects are orphansAnonymousBacklog (default)

5098 BugNeeds testingNormalExport of particular assignments gives errorAnonymousLCMS 3.1

5086 BugNeeds more infoNormalckeditor: problems with embedded content objectsAnonymousAnthony HurstBacklog (default)

5085 UsabilityNewNormalOn creating any object: top part of description field is not clickableAnonymousBacklog (default)

5083 UsabilityNewNormalrestore from wastebasket limited to objectsAnonymousBacklog (default)

5081 UsabilityNewNormalrepository/ category manager: left menu part unneccessaryAnonymousBacklog (default)

5077 BugNewNormalRepository: search; remarks on search logicAnonymousBacklog (default)

5051 UsabilityNewNormal'My views' tab and its use in the repository AnonymousBacklog (default)

5048 UsabilityNewNormalOrder of objects in standard viewAnonymousBacklog (default)

4984 UsabilityNewNormalVersions - exporting a versioned object to CPO breaks versioningAnonymousBacklog (default)

4972 FeatureNewLowViewer - no publish button in content object viewerAnonymousBacklog (default)

4968 UsabilityNewLowGeoLocation tool - mouse scroll wheel scrolls both map and pageAnonymousBacklog (default)

4962 BugNewNormalHome page>new tab>browser objects focus back to homeAnonymousBacklog (default)

4941 TranslationsNewNormalTranslate English>Dutch: gedeelde content browser > copyselectedAnonymousBacklog (default)

4501 UsabilityNewNormalIcon for sharing objectsAnonymousBacklog (default)

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