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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version % Done
7004 BugNewNormalattachment upload failureAnonymous

6946 BugNewNormalsearch in repositorydominique de guchtenaereLCMS 4 Beta

6786 BugNewNormal[Export / Import] Duplicating content objectsSven Vanpoucke

6782 BugNewNormalSCORM importdominique de guchtenaereLCMS 4 Beta

6683 UsabilityNewNormalDropdown om op content object te filteren verdwenenNathalie BlocryLCMS 4 Beta

6678 BugNeeds testingNormalafter merge dev-> stable: can no longer add documents or filesAnonymousHans De BisschopLCMS 4 Beta

6677 BugNewNormalhotpotatoes import and createdominique de guchtenaereLCMS 4 Beta

6652 BugNeeds more infoNormalWit scherm bij exporteren categorie uit repository (cpo-formaat)Arnout HoremansHans De BisschopLCMS 4 Beta

6567 FeatureNewNormalSet quota rights per user group, setting repository rightsPeter Van den BroeckLCMS 4

6566 FeatureNewHighPublish or share categoryPeter Van den BroeckLCMS 4 Beta

6395 BugNeeds testingHighProblem with path separator on Windows when importing ZIP fileAnonymousLCMS 4

6371 FeatureNewLowConvert underscores to spaces and decode URL-encoded filenames when uploading files/zipsAnonymousBacklog (default)

6294 BugNeeds more infoNormalDocument Ludwig TheunisLCMS 4 Beta

6292 UsabilityNewNormalyoutube content object visible even when connector isn't activateddominique de guchtenaereBacklog (default)

6291 BugNeeds testingNormalDocument Ludwig TheunisSven VanpouckeLCMS 4 Beta

6271 BugNeeds testingHighzip file with accentsdominique de guchtenaereSven VanpouckeLCMS 4 Beta

6197 BugNewNormalpackage manager: configureren welke co's actief moeten zijn gaat nietNathalie BlocryLCMS 4 Beta

6097 FeatureNewNormaldisable anwer shuffleGabriel Aaron

6070 BugNewNormalProblème avec le terme graph et acsiimathmlArnaud Girola

5917 BugNeeds testingLowSharing content objects sometimes shares with wrong userAnonymousLCMS 3.1

5902 UsabilityNewNormalcourse group subscribe icon not clearAnonymousLCMS 3.1

5901 BugNewNormalUser cannot change documentMiguel van den Branden

5899 BugNewNormalWrong operationMiguel van den Branden

5898 BugNewHigherror: 'multiple headers received from server' when downloading documentsAnonymousLCMS 3.1

5897 BugNewNormalError something has been forgotten to fill inMiguel van den Branden

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