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3841 Bug Bug resolved Youtube error upon creation when no extrenal object is selected Actions
3822 Bug Bug resolved uploading 1 hot potatoes exercise Actions
3812 Bug Bug resolved Youtube object creation: Browse reports the Zend Exception: Actions
3807 Bug Bug resolved Hotspot Question creation form does not show the Upload button Actions
3802 Bug Bug resolved Error when viewing fill_in_the_blank question which does not have any blanks specified Actions
3796 Bug Feature implemented fatal error when moving several content objects to another parent in learning path Actions
3786 Bug Feature implemented impossible to add youtube in CKeditor Actions
3768 Bug Feature implemented CSV - delete users never processed Actions
3767 Bug Feature implemented CSV import users processed when errors Actions
3762 Bug Bug resolved export CPO of scorm items doesn't work Actions
3760 Bug Feature implemented impossible to add flash content object Actions
3759 Bug Bug resolved importing CPO of hot potatoes exercises Actions
3758 Bug Bug resolved Categories not created Actions
3757 Bug Feature implemented Fatal error when unlinking Actions
3756 Bug Bug resolved importing CPO of entire repository Actions
3629 Bug Bug resolved Collaboration for content objects fails when 2 people are working simultaneously Actions
3618 Bug Bug resolved text in description field in table Actions
3612 Bug Bug resolved comparing versions Actions
3574 Bug Bug resolved removing scorm learning path and assessment: not possible Actions
3563 Bug Bug resolved Fatal error when clicking Preview of a Learning path Actions
3523 Bug Bug resolved Preview of complex content objects not possible Actions
3501 Bug Bug resolved Not possible to edit rights Actions
3494 Bug Bug resolved shared by me or shared with me Actions
3491 Bug Bug resolved category not created Actions
3446 Bug Bug resolved importing cpo: index wrong Actions
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