From 16/07/2013 to 14/08/2013


22:02 Feature #6567 (New): Set quota rights per user group, setting repository rights
If this is already possible, it is well hidden within the admin panel.
It would be eas in maintaing quota's if you c...
Peter Van den Broeck
21:59 Feature #6566 (New): Publish or share category
It would be interesting to be able to publish an entire category (including it's subcategories) to a course or share ... Peter Van den Broeck
15:06 Bug #6562 (Bug resolved): error when viewing an submission in the repository:
PHP error when viewing an submission in the repository:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::fetchRow...


11:40 Bug #6542 (Bug resolved): message: content object deleted, but object was not deleted
the recycle bin contains an appointment object, when deleting the object, the notification reports success, but the o... Anonymous
11:31 Bug #6541 (Bug resolved): repostory: unlink objects failure
when unlinking objects in the repository: "Your call to the method escape_column_name in repository\ColumnNameDataMan... Anonymous


11:27 Bug #6530 (Bug resolved): wiki history not working
when clicking the history tab on a wikipage, an error appears:
Illegal parameter passed to the DataManager :: retrie...

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