From 04/06/2013 to 03/07/2013


10:43 Usability #6290 (Bug resolved): duplicate: rename
10:36 Bug #6288 (Bug resolved): Feedback CO not removable
10:35 Bug #6287 (Bug resolved): Export category error


16:36 Bug #6293: iframe
I tested as a teacher. I can paste the iframe in the source code of the editor, but when I close the CO and open it ... dominique de guchtenaere
11:23 Bug #6293 (Needs more info): iframe
I tried it myself and it seems to be working. How are you testing? With which role (teacher / student / admin)? Sven Vanpoucke
15:42 Usability #6292: youtube content object visible even when connector isn't activated
The system currently does not allow to disable content object types depending on the availability of the external rep... Sven Vanpoucke
12:19 Bug #6294 (Needs more info): Document
The use of the document content object as-is should be replaced by the file / page / webpage content objects which so... Sven Vanpoucke
10:33 Usability #6290 (Needs testing): duplicate: rename
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
09:03 Bug #6288 (Needs testing): Feedback CO not removable
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
08:47 Bug #6287 (Needs testing): Export category error Sven Vanpoucke


16:30 Bug #6291 (Needs testing): Document
Due to a new id variable that was added, the object could not be deleted anymore.
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
14:41 Bug #6291: Document
[[]] Ludwig Theunis
13:25 Bug #6291 (Needs testing): Document
When changing documents with objects included, (image), the include list is not updated, only when adding an image th... Ludwig Theunis
14:40 Bug #6294: Document
[[]] Ludwig Theunis
14:29 Bug #6294 (Needs more info): Document
Copy of document with included objects, (images, flash files etc.) is not correct. The include list correct but the u... Ludwig Theunis
14:27 Bug #6293 (Bug resolved): iframe
I can add an iframe in the CKeditor, but after saving the CO, the iframe isn't visible. dominique de guchtenaere
14:05 Usability #6292 (New): youtube content object visible even when connector isn't activated
in CKeditor: I select the icon Content Object
I see tree tabs: create - browse - import
I click "import...
dominique de guchtenaere
13:14 Bug #5721 (Bug resolved): Document including objects
Is fixed in LCMS 3 (commit #dabe626 and #e2f1b59 chamilo/chamilo-repository) Ludwig Theunis
13:12 Usability #6290 (Bug resolved): duplicate: rename
when duplicating a CO, there is no renaming. So it is not clear what CO belongs to another one (e.g. questions in an... dominique de guchtenaere
12:43 Bug #6288: Feedback CO not removable
It's not possible to remove a feedback CO, the recycle bin cannot be emptied.
Michael Hosdez
12:41 Bug #6288 (Bug resolved): Feedback CO not removable
Michael Hosdez
11:27 Bug #6287 (Bug resolved): Export category error
After clicking "Export category" in the repository:
SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'alias_...
Michael Hosdez
11:07 Bug #6271: zip file with accents
same issue when zip is created with 7-zip dominique de guchtenaere


19:21 Bug #6271 (Needs testing): zip file with accents
see also bug #3553
same issue in LCMS 4 :
- élève is imported as l
- unità is imported as unit
no extension ...
dominique de guchtenaere


13:46 Bug #6197 (New): package manager: configureren welke co's actief moeten zijn gaat niet
Fatal error: Class 'repository\content_object\survey\ContentObjectRemover' not found in /var/www/local/default/chamil... Nathalie Blocry

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