From 29/05/2013 to 27/06/2013


16:30 Bug #6291 (Needs testing): Document
Due to a new id variable that was added, the object could not be deleted anymore.
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
14:41 Bug #6291: Document
[[]] Ludwig Theunis
13:25 Bug #6291 (Needs testing): Document
When changing documents with objects included, (image), the include list is not updated, only when adding an image th... Ludwig Theunis
14:40 Bug #6294: Document
[[]] Ludwig Theunis
14:29 Bug #6294 (Needs more info): Document
Copy of document with included objects, (images, flash files etc.) is not correct. The include list correct but the u... Ludwig Theunis
14:27 Bug #6293 (Bug resolved): iframe
I can add an iframe in the CKeditor, but after saving the CO, the iframe isn't visible. dominique de guchtenaere
14:05 Usability #6292 (New): youtube content object visible even when connector isn't activated
in CKeditor: I select the icon Content Object
I see tree tabs: create - browse - import
I click "import...
dominique de guchtenaere
13:14 Bug #5721 (Bug resolved): Document including objects
Is fixed in LCMS 3 (commit #dabe626 and #e2f1b59 chamilo/chamilo-repository) Ludwig Theunis
13:12 Usability #6290 (Bug resolved): duplicate: rename
when duplicating a CO, there is no renaming. So it is not clear what CO belongs to another one (e.g. questions in an... dominique de guchtenaere
12:43 Bug #6288: Feedback CO not removable
It's not possible to remove a feedback CO, the recycle bin cannot be emptied.
Michael Hosdez
12:41 Bug #6288 (Bug resolved): Feedback CO not removable
Michael Hosdez
11:27 Bug #6287 (Bug resolved): Export category error
After clicking "Export category" in the repository:
SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'alias_...
Michael Hosdez
11:07 Bug #6271: zip file with accents
same issue when zip is created with 7-zip dominique de guchtenaere


19:21 Bug #6271 (Needs testing): zip file with accents
see also bug #3553
same issue in LCMS 4 :
- élève is imported as l
- unità is imported as unit
no extension ...
dominique de guchtenaere


13:46 Bug #6197 (New): package manager: configureren welke co's actief moeten zijn gaat niet
Fatal error: Class 'repository\content_object\survey\ContentObjectRemover' not found in /var/www/local/default/chamil... Nathalie Blocry

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