From 01/01/2013 to 30/01/2013


10:58 Bug #5917 (Needs testing): Sharing content objects sometimes shares with wrong user
Could be related to the 'no right location found' bug. However, this bug has not been reproduced and needs further te... Anonymous


16:03 Usability #5902 (New): course group subscribe icon not clear
course group subscribe icon not clear, scholud be the same as on the course home page Anonymous
15:53 Bug #5901 (New): User cannot change document
If the user has created a template (with css) and it has been clicked in the Browse Templates folder, on the link of ... Miguel van den Branden
15:49 Bug #5899 (New): Wrong operation
If someone is checking one object in the repository and then down to the selection checking remove, uncheck or anothe... Miguel van den Branden
15:45 Bug #5898 (New): error: 'multiple headers received from server' when downloading documents
In Google Chrome documents sometimes cannot be opened due to the following error: ‘multiple headers received from ser... Anonymous
15:43 Bug #5897 (New): Error something has been forgotten to fill in
When the user creates a document object format, and forget to fill in a field above the formatting, and then presses ... Miguel van den Branden
15:34 Bug #5896 (New): Remove categories
It is sometimes not possible to remove a created category. This occurs especially when CPO objects or zip files in th... Miguel van den Branden
15:32 Bug #5895 (New): Showing the hints in a Matrix question
Showing the hints in a Matrix question does not work. If someone clicks on 'give a hint' button nothing will be seen,... Miguel van den Branden
15:29 Bug #5894 (New): CPO export / import error.
A loose object can be exported and imported in a repository, however if you want to export a learning path and multip... Miguel van den Branden
15:22 Bug #5893 (New): Export CPO
If the user wants to export objects, that contain hotpot questions, from the repository to a CPO file, the system wi... Miguel van den Branden

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