From 20/05/2012 to 18/06/2012


16:01 Bug #5011 (Bug resolved): Latex code problem
It seems that when i input a latex code the code won't generate a preview nor an object. Albert Vis
15:59 Bug #5010 (New): Hotspot question image error
When you have made a hotspot question and want to re-edit the picture, it seems not to be possible to do this.
I can...
Albert Vis
15:54 Bug #5009 (Needs testing): Imported file doesn't show in the repository
When you import a document, like a .jpg. in the repository it doesn't show up in the list.
When trying to import the...
Albert Vis
15:49 Bug #5006 (Bug resolved): Repository Export pulldown list problem
In the repository when you have selected objects, learning paths, etc and want to export these by using the pulldown ... Albert Vis
15:35 Feature #5001 (New): Possibilities for Visal code
Would it be possible to add a feature that makes it possible to leave the Visual code (in course) open. Now it is req... Albert Vis
15:22 Bug #4996 (Needs more info): CK-editor sourcecode problem
When making/designing a document with the editor and you switch to 'source', then back and then 'source' again, the e... Albert Vis
14:56 Bug #4992 (New): Link to image in template
When a template, with an image, is copied to the user repôsitory, both the image and the template are copied to this ... Koen Favere
14:37 Bug #4990 (Bug resolved): Latex code insertion
Apparantly the server converting the latex code to an image is down. Don't know if this is a temporary issue.
Ludwig Theunis
14:25 Usability #4989 (New): use of doubles
What is the use of doubles?
Chamilo finds the doubles but offers no further functionality (delete, merge, ...)
steven van loo
14:16 Bug #4986 (Bug resolved): Browser - bug when clicking on an icon
When clicking an icon the repository browser you get an empty list instead of a filtered list.
The problem is in the...
13:51 Usability #4984 (New): Versions - exporting a versioned object to CPO breaks versioning
If you export an object with different versions, the resulting @content_object.xml@ file in the CPO archive contains ... Anonymous
13:47 Bug #4983 (Feature implemented): LCMS Connect 3: error when creating assessment
When creating an assessment, I can't set a limited number of questions per page (see screenshot): although I put '1' ... Frederic Raes
13:26 Bug #4981 (Bug resolved): Versions - error when deleting most recent version
When you have different versions of an object and delete the most recent version, you get an error (blank screen). Wh... Anonymous
13:23 Bug #4980 (New): couldn't get my videos in youtube/vimeo external repository (only public files)
Couldn't get 'my videos' in youtube/vimeo external repository. Only public files were showing.
Maybe I didn't config...
Michael Jongkamp
13:09 Bug #4977 (Bug resolved): Repository - export document selection doesn't work
Anneleen Verckens
13:07 Bug #4976 (New): LCMS Connect 3: Impossible to delete a scorm-item
When creating a SCORM-item in the repository, you cannot delete it afterwards: a blank screen is shown when trying to... Frederic Raes
13:04 Feature #4975 (Feature implemented): LCMS Connect 3: No SCORM import
Impossible to upload a SCORM file when using the 'Import' function in the repository: SCORM option is not available. Frederic Raes
12:58 Feature #4972: Viewer - no publish button in content object viewer
There should be a publish button on the tool bar when viewing the content object.
!Repository_-_viewer_-_publish but...
12:56 Feature #4972 (New): Viewer - no publish button in content object viewer
There should be a publish button on the tool bar when viewing the content object.
!Repository - viewer - publish but...
12:42 Usability #4968 (New): GeoLocation tool - mouse scroll wheel scrolls both map and page
This can be fixed by canceling event bubbling of the scroll event
"Google Maps API":
11:49 Bug #4962 (New): Home page>new tab>browser objects focus back to home
On secondary tab;
both personal calendar in month view as in day view > browse button next or previous month/day
11:47 Usability #4961 (New): Quota increase request unclear
It is not clear how much extra space one requests: MB or GB (or other)
In the description of the pending requests it...
steven van loo
11:43 Bug #4959 (New): importTypeYouTube
importing a youtube via importtypeyoutube : I have to add the link of the youtube movie, but I get an error message: ... dominique de guchtenaere
11:37 Bug #4958 (New): chamilo lcms 2 document shows css as plain text after editing
upload attached cpo and edit document 'Theorie swot analyse' if you simply add a bit of text and save de document. th... Michael Jongkamp
11:18 Bug #4955: Repository - share - rights - copy not in selection frame
Is a usability question:
CopyRight should be meant to mean 'copy right', but as a simple user I interpreted this a...
Anneleen Verckens
11:13 Bug #4955 (New): Repository - share - rights - copy not in selection frame
Anneleen Verckens
11:09 Translations #4954 (New): Repository - share - rights
Anneleen Verckens
10:56 Bug #4951 (New): No browse button in compatibility mode in internet explorer
No browse button in compatibility mode in internet explorer Michael Jongkamp
10:48 Bug #4948 (Needs testing): ckeditor doesn't work properly in internet explorer 9
ckeditor doesn't work properly in internet explorer 9 Michael Jongkamp
10:47 Translations #4941: Translate English>Dutch: gedeelde content browser > copyselected
versie backlog toegevoegd Anonymous
10:31 Translations #4941 (New): Translate English>Dutch: gedeelde content browser > copyselected
Repository>Shared objects>Select item
In the menu select all> see printscreen.
copyselected --> kopieer selectie
10:46 Bug #4946 (Bug resolved): Calendar: Repeating frequency -> no calendar view
Course = English
Usersettings = Dutch
after adding a Repeating frequency (all types), no calendar view. List and ...
10:46 Bug #4945 (Bug resolved): Viewing a document in the Repository gives html link, not the content
Viewing a document (without attachment) in the Repository gives a html link, not the content itself.
After clickin...
Michael Hosdez
10:32 Bug #4942 (Bug resolved): Leegmaken prullenbak
Bij het leegmaken van de prullenbak verschijnt de melding: The system can not connect to the database. If you are ins... steven van loo
10:27 Usability #4934: Wissen categorieën met inhoud
Suggestie na bespreking met Koen/Anneleen: In uitrolmenu mag "verwijder lege categorie(ën)" staan ipv "verwijder".
steven van loo
10:13 Usability #4934 (New): Wissen categorieën met inhoud
Het wissen van een categorie met inhoud dmv rood kruis icoon werkt perfect: de waarschuwing verschijnt, na aanvinken ... steven van loo
10:27 Translations #4940 (New): repository - delete categories - 'deleteCategoryConfirm'
Anneleen Verckens
10:19 Translations #4936 (New): Repository - delete category - 'accept impact'
Anneleen Verckens
10:00 Bug #4933 (Bug resolved): Every user can publish system announcements
Every user can publish system announcements: students, teachers can create system announcements in the repository and... Liesbeth De Blaere
09:49 Bug #4930 (New): importeren cpo
cpo uit desiderius geïmporteerd: niets verschijnt steven van loo
09:37 Translations #4927 (New): vertalingquotapagina
Nog vertalingen op quotapagina
steven van loo


18:40 Bug #4917 (Bug resolved): impossible to publish in course
for the moment it is impossible to publish a CO from the repository in a course (as course manager): the course isn'... dominique de guchtenaere
16:54 Feature #711 (Bug resolved): recycle bin for categories?
it is now possible to delete categories and its content Stefaan Vanbillemont
16:49 Usability #1916 (Bug resolved): Icon descriptions should be visible all the time
Stefaan Vanbillemont
16:49 Usability #2022 (Bug resolved): multiple select boxes
Stefaan Vanbillemont
16:47 Usability #3244 (Bug resolved): Download when exporting to CPO is not clear
Import/export framework completely reworked! Stefaan Vanbillemont
14:38 Bug #4913 (New): CPO import
I imported a CPO of my Repository (C3) in the repository of another account in C3. I get a blanc screen and only a p... dominique de guchtenaere
11:07 Bug #4907 (Bug resolved): sharing
it's impossible to share a content object from the repository. I get an error message "ObjectNotShared"
Same prob...
dominique de guchtenaere


10:53 Bug #4891 (New): LCMS Connect 3: Quick feedback unlink not working
When unlinking a quick feedback it's not unlinked in the course, the QF is still visible.
Michael Hosdez
09:57 Bug #4887 (New): LCMS Connect 3: Import of filenames not always correct
Create a document in a course > Documents, add the jpg, png, docx or pdf (in attachment) as attachment t...
Michael Hosdez


15:24 Bug #4873 (New): LCMS Connect 3: linking external repositories
I've installed the dev but can't link external repositories.
Printscreen of error is attached.
Peter Van den Broeck

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