From 20/03/2012 to 18/04/2012


15:13 Feature #2583 (Needs more info): Widgets from Chamilo for external portal/dashboard integration
working fine for me Laurent Opprecht
15:12 Feature #2708 (Needs more info): Block to display external widgets
iframe working fine for me Laurent Opprecht
15:11 Feature #3057 (Needs more info): Minify css/javascript
working fine for me Laurent Opprecht


15:07 Bug #4589 (Bug resolved): Rights in repository: green and red bullets get the wrong colour
Repository: when sharing objects the green en red bullets sometimes get the wrong colour: e.g. when you combine "view... Liesbeth De Blaere
15:04 Bug #4588 (New): When sharing objects, other users are able to delete all publications of these objects
(tested on
When you share an object from within your repository with a teacher/student and just put ...
Liesbeth De Blaere
14:55 Bug #4587 (Bug resolved): Every user can make system announcements (and put these on the portal)
(tested on if ANY user creates a system announcement in his repository, he can publish this and it ap... Liesbeth De Blaere


16:10 Bug #4558 (New): upload zip in repository (.ppt document)
I tried to upload a .zip file in the repository with a .ppt document in it of more than 50MB.
Result: a white empty...
Tim De Geeter


16:40 Usability #4501 (New): Icon for sharing objects
The lock icon used for sharing objects is not intuitive (it is the same as for 'rights'). Anonymous
15:54 Usability #4499 (New): Adding category
If you fill in the name of the category and press 'enter', the 'plus button' is triggered instead of the 'submit' but... Anonymous

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