From 22/02/2011 to 23/03/2011


15:22 Feature #3126: re-use and use
In many cases I only want another user to reuse my CO and not give this person the option to use my original. Koen Favere
15:15 Feature #3126: re-use and use
Why? If the (re)user does not want to apply any changes, there is no data duplication. In the other case there will b... Anonymous


14:39 Bug #3131 (Bug resolved): Description field is missing when platform language is dutch
Error: editor.lang.chamiloflashvideo is undefined
Source File:
Michael Hosdez
14:04 Feature #3126 (Bug resolved): re-use and use
Re-use rights shouldn't automatically incorporate use rights.
These are seperate settings.
Koen Favere
14:02 Bug #3125 (Bug resolved): home page corrupt
Failed to load "twitter_search" block ==> my home page is corrupt
dominique de guchtenaere
13:33 Bug #3124 (Bug resolved): browse templates
Following error message when I click browse templates after copying a portfolio to templates:
Fatal error: Call to u...
dominique de guchtenaere
13:10 Bug #2672: hot potatoes in learning path
Attached you find the zip file with a hot potatoes exercise and a picture. I can upload it in the repository, but wh... dominique de guchtenaere
11:09 Bug #2340 (Feature implemented): forum in repo: metadata error
Should be tested with the new system. Stefaan Vanbillemont


13:35 Bug #2672 (Needs testing): hot potatoes in learning path
I think this will be fixed with the learning path builder because hotpotatoes are always connected through a learning... Sven Vanpoucke
10:33 Bug #2899 (Bug resolved): adding portfolio
Stefaan Vanbillemont
10:32 Bug #2959 (Bug resolved): portfolio
Stefaan Vanbillemont


16:52 Feature #3100: user quota
You are probably right Sven. the name of the tool is not that important, I just keep calling it "dropbox" because tha... Nathalie Blocry
16:13 Feature #3100: user quota
It's quite simple, what nathalie means is actually the description of an assignment tool, not the dropbox tool. But a... Sven Vanpoucke
13:30 Feature #3100: user quota
Actually, the unpublishing and deleting is rather easily fixable. If people want to edit the content object linked to... Hans De Bisschop
12:48 Feature #3100: user quota
I agree that messing with the repository quota and programming exceptions to the system is not a good idea.
I do l...
Nathalie Blocry


11:51 Feature #3109 (New): content object: add the possibitly to add thumbnails
For all content objects add a field to attach a thumbnail. Laurent Opprecht
08:28 Bug #2899 (Needs testing): adding portfolio
This is fixed in latest code Sven Vanpoucke


15:41 Usability #3105: remember hide/show action bar
We already have some kind of memory function with ajax for the side menus so i think this functionality can be reused... Sven Vanpoucke
15:40 Usability #3105 (New): remember hide/show action bar
when a user hides the actionbar it re-appears automatically with every page request.
the status hidden/visible shoul...
Nathalie Blocry
15:36 Bug #2959 (Needs testing): portfolio
Sven Vanpoucke
15:35 Bug #2959: portfolio
I already fixed this bug for the learning path, portfolio and handbook item on the stable repositories Sven Vanpoucke
15:34 Bug #2959: portfolio
this is def. a bug in the repoviewer where the behaviour is different when you choose a co-type from the dropdown lis... Nathalie Blocry
09:40 Feature #3102 (New): Add support for OGP
Add support for OGP - - to allow integration of Chamilo resources into other applications. Laurent Opprecht
09:39 Feature #3101 (New): Add support for oembed
Add support for oembed - - to allow integration of Chamilo resources outside of Chamilo. Laurent Opprecht
08:42 Feature #3100: user quota
Just my 2 cents:
* Implementing an option to circumvent storage quota (there effictively no longer is a database quo...
Hans De Bisschop
08:15 Feature #3100: user quota
Then i think we need a dropbox tool without the use of content objects. Sven Vanpoucke


21:59 Feature #3100: user quota
allowing every user to add 10MB to their quotum once a day is not workable either and is just as vulnerable to abuse.... Nathalie Blocry
18:30 Feature #3100: user quota
How can you make the difference when a document is created for the dropbox, or for something else when it is created ... Sven Vanpoucke
16:27 Feature #3100: user quota
in our case a button to request more quota is not an option as we don't have people available 24/7 to grant those req... Nathalie Blocry
15:53 Feature #3100: user quota
Quota have been built for a reason and should not be dismissed for one specific use case. We should better invest tim... Sven Vanpoucke
15:51 Feature #3100 (Needs more info): user quota
there is a possible problem with the user quota:
Students may be required to publish assignments, papers, ... in the...
Nathalie Blocry


16:42 Usability #3098 (New): metadata usability
when metadata is moved to the core and will be used through the repository, the usability will automatically improve.... Nathalie Blocry
16:38 Usability #3097 (New): contextlinker form
the contextlinker form needs to be made more userfriendly (too much clicking for the moment & confusing)
Nathalie Blocry
16:36 Bug #3096 (Feature implemented): contextlinker: delete co
when a co is deleted the context links should be deleted too.
this can only be implemented once contextlinker is mov...
Nathalie Blocry
16:32 Usability #3095 (New): context linker: show original
when making an alternative through the context linker, the user should be able to see the content of the original co Nathalie Blocry
16:30 Feature #3093 (New): handbook import/export
handbook import and export is handled by classes in the handbook app since there is no system to extend the repositor... Nathalie Blocry


11:46 Usability #3071: Course:when created courses may not be visible
If fines with that I defaulted that to "view course" for the moment as this is the natural path - create a course, mo... Laurent Opprecht


21:32 Usability #3084: description field confusing
As discussed somewhere in the semi-distant past, I think we simply need custom HTML Editor configurations per package... Hans De Bisschop
21:25 Usability #3084 (New): description field confusing
in some content objects like document, handbook item, open question, profile, .. the DESCRIPTION field is a full html... Nathalie Blocry
21:10 Bug #2887: You can remove a published QuickFeedback from the Repository
this is not only a problem in the weblcms but everywhere feedback is added Nathalie Blocry
19:18 Bug #3011: NuSoap not php 5.3 version
Much appreciated ! Hans De Bisschop
19:16 Bug #3011: NuSoap not php 5.3 version
so I will update the library Nathalie Blocry
17:52 Bug #3011: NuSoap not php 5.3 version
Actually NuSoap can also be used to consume Soap web services so we can't really delete it, still needs to be updated :) Hans De Bisschop
18:36 Feature #2692: Add video thumbnail
Sounds like we need different views for the repo viewer, just like we have in the repository and other applications. Hans De Bisschop
18:29 Feature #3026: Text editor: add support for smileys
CKEditor actually already has support for smileys, we would just have to activate the option :) (pun intended) Hans De Bisschop
17:59 Feature #3057: Minify css/javascript
Definately worth exploring ... and making it an automated thing which requires no real architecture changes in terms ... Hans De Bisschop
17:56 Usability #3071: Course:when created courses may not be visible
We'll be discussing courses and course types on the coming code sprints. Some enhancements / cleanup is required, thi... Hans De Bisschop
15:42 Bug #3079 (Bug resolved): Error when initializing a SCORM package
The bug is due to an incorrect variable name. The attached patch correct it. Goulwen Reboux


14:22 Bug #3073 (Bug resolved): missing application.js file
References to application.js in code and in html page but not such file.
Does not look very useful:
Laurent Opprecht
13:06 Usability #3071 (New): Course:when created courses may not be visible
Go to course. Create a new course type with "No course type".
The course is created and goes to the "no course...
Laurent Opprecht


13:42 Bug #3063 (Bug resolved): Publications visible to all users
09:46 Feature #2749: Performance: add a message server for events/logs?
In the last few days we have improved the performance a lot on a few queries that are used on each page. But now it s... Sven Vanpoucke


08:59 Feature #3057 (Needs more info): Minify css/javascript
Minify javascript and css developped for Chamilo
Wondering if it would ...
Laurent Opprecht


14:30 Feature #3051: doesn't answer the "if modified since" header
same issues with
Laurent Opprecht
13:20 Feature #3033: content object: collapse add attachement
patch for repo Laurent Opprecht


17:48 Feature #3033 (Needs testing): content object: collapse add attachement
Laurent Opprecht
11:54 Feature #3033 (Bug resolved): content object: collapse add attachement
in create post/forum /announcement/..
the "Add Attachement" section takes too much space which force the user to scr...
Laurent Opprecht
15:41 Feature #3051 (Bug resolved): doesn't answer the "if modified since" header
it should check if the file has been modified - i.e. creation time is greater than data - and return a 304 header in ... Laurent Opprecht
15:35 Support #3019: Theme building hard to do !?
partial solution here: #2973. It doesn't solve the complete issue but that's a start. Laurent Opprecht
10:36 Support #3019: Theme building hard to do !?
The current structure is a direct result of the way the project is structured and conceptualized. There is no simple ... Hans De Bisschop
10:05 Support #3019 (New): Theme building hard to do !?
It looks like building a new theme is very hard to do. There are dozens and dozens of locations where theme folders r... Michael Jongkamp
13:57 Feature #3042 (New): Add a "add resource bookmarklet"
See Delicious for a practical example.
Generate a user specific bookmar...
Laurent Opprecht
13:48 Bug #3041 (Bug resolved): link: url must start with protocol
Create a link.
For example
Save it
View it.
Click on link.
It fails because href = /chamilo/www...
Laurent Opprecht
12:51 Usability #3037: Too many activities for some "simple" tasks/not activity focused
Right enough. This is kind of a meta comment which tries to aggregate together many more specific comments. So announ... Laurent Opprecht
12:35 Usability #3037: Too many activities for some "simple" tasks/not activity focused
So ... going to the announcement tool of a course, clicking publish, entering the announcement and confirming / publi... Hans De Bisschop
12:20 Usability #3037 (New): Too many activities for some "simple" tasks/not activity focused
General user comment
* too many clicks and page refresh for some activities
* program isn't focused around activ...
Laurent Opprecht
12:43 Usability #3039 (Bug resolved): Object published is a bit annoying
General user comment:
* the "object published" is a bit annoying as it happens a lot and doesn't add a lot of valu...
Laurent Opprecht
12:08 Usability #3028: Text editor: make create object the default?
Would make sense indeed. Would be nice to make the default a platform setting.
For example at the beginning we will ...
Laurent Opprecht
11:29 Usability #3028: Text editor: make create object the default?
Very annoying issue here. Some users want browse first, others want create first. Maybe we should just make this a us... Sven Vanpoucke
11:25 Usability #3028 (New): Text editor: make create object the default?
In the text/html editor.
People tend to add image/objects/etc as they type.
Click on add image/youtube/etc.
The d...
Laurent Opprecht
11:33 Bug #3032 (Bug resolved): Text editor: add flash does not work
Add flash does not work.
add flash object.
get back to object.
flash object is not available
Laurent Opprecht
11:30 Feature #3030 (New): content object: add cancel button

Create a content object, for example announcement.
Add a cancel button that brings back to the previous screen.
Laurent Opprecht
11:19 Feature #3026 (Bug resolved): Text editor: add support for smileys
Add support for smileys in the html editor.
For example content object desription. Forum item. Etc.
Possible solu...
Laurent Opprecht
11:12 Feature #3024 (New): Change: "Page after login" to "Default Page"
User expect to get back to "Page after login" when they click on the Chamilo logo
Rename: "Page after log...
Laurent Opprecht
11:06 Bug #3023 (Bug resolved): text editor: image in description not working
create a description
click add image
upload image
image is displayed correctly
save description
go back to descr...
Laurent Opprecht
10:22 Bug #3021 (New): Selecting templates in Wysiwyg/ck-editor
There is a button in the ck-editor for using templates. Here you should see a list of shared templates by the adminis... Michael Jongkamp
10:14 Bug #3020 (New): Templates not working
Templates provided by administrators by ‘Administration=>repository=>import template’ are shown in your repository un... Michael Jongkamp
09:34 Bug #2471 (Assigned): SCORM Captivate
Can you apply this patch on the bitbucket repository asap?
Stefaan Vanbillemont


15:48 Bug #3011: NuSoap not php 5.3 version
They are built on the old webservices framework. Untill they are converted to the new webservices framework they will... Sven Vanpoucke
15:45 Bug #3011: NuSoap not php 5.3 version
then it should be removed, there are quite some "example" files in the stable version that still use SOAP. Nathalie Blocry
14:46 Bug #3011: NuSoap not php 5.3 version
NuSoap will not be used anymore for our webservices since we are supporting the REST protocol. Sven Vanpoucke
14:14 Bug #3011 (Needs more info): NuSoap not php 5.3 version
there is a new version, current version does not work under php 5.3 (constructors!) Nathalie Blocry
13:49 Bug #2993 (Bug resolved): External repositories are locking with multiple users
cfr youtube and google docs Sven Vanpoucke


09:57 Feature #2981: repository events not triggered: create, update, delete, ...
could trigger events from create, update, delete functions from ContentObject Laurent Opprecht
09:46 Feature #2981 (Needs more info): repository events not triggered: create, update, delete, ...
Laurent Opprecht
09:45 Feature #2980 (New): Add the ability to use phpmailer secure functionality in PhpmailerMail
The PhpmailerMail located in @common/libraries/php/mail/phpmailer/phpmailer_mail.class.php@ can't handle a secure par... Goulwen Reboux


09:04 Feature #2976 (New): Main menu: add management features for core applications
Add features:
* change name of Home, My Account, Repository, etc
* change order of Home, My Account, Repository, ...
Laurent Opprecht


16:30 Usability #2704: Add block: delay to hide the icon is too big
Decreased time for the moment. Better solution would be to be to close the message box when clicking. Laurent Opprecht
16:28 Feature #2752: Theme inheritance
see #2752 for a partial solution
Laurent Opprecht
15:54 Refactoring #2955: Handbook - Error when importing handbook twice
you should export AND import through the handbook application for now, as long as the repository export/import has no... Nathalie Blocry
09:03 Bug #2672: hot potatoes in learning path
Can you provide the hotpotatoes package for testing purposes? Sven Vanpoucke
08:46 Feature #2883: publishing introduction from repository
missing feature Sven Vanpoucke


21:53 Refactoring #2955: Handbook - Error when importing handbook twice
The handbook is exported via the export button in the Handbook application and imported in the Repository.
So it's n...
Michael Hosdez


16:33 Feature #2966 (New): sort system
Drag and drop function would be nice when sorting courses or sorting objects in the repository. Anonymous
11:56 Bug #2959: portfolio
cannot recreate bug
probably system/browser dependent
also probably not a portfolio-problem but a problem with the ...
Nathalie Blocry


23:40 Refactoring #2955: Handbook - Error when importing handbook twice
how do you export and import?
this cpo was not made with the export function in the handbook application? did you imp...
Nathalie Blocry
11:46 Refactoring #2955: Handbook - Error when importing handbook twice
Handbook in attachment. Michael Hosdez
11:38 Refactoring #2955: Handbook - Error when importing handbook twice
can you attach the handbook you have imported twice? Nathalie Blocry
11:34 Refactoring #2955 (Needs more info): Handbook - Error when importing handbook twice
When a handbook is imported twice, it's not possible to remove or publish the imported handbook again.
You get a "In...
Michael Hosdez
16:08 Bug #2959 (Bug resolved): portfolio
'create an new item' in portfolio is perfectly possible when using the iconfunction, but not starting from the select... Anonymous
14:18 Feature #2957 (New): Repository - Export categories included subcategories
Please create feature to export a category and its subcategories. Stefaan Vanbillemont
10:28 Usability #2954 (New): REPO / Rights: select users
When sharing an object, the present procedure is very cumbersome:
* you have to search for each user and group you w...
09:32 Usability #2952 (Feature implemented): Repo/MyPublications: should be made sortable
The My Publications list can be very long, so it should be possible to:
* perform actions on multiple items (cf. als...
09:04 Feature #2948 (New): Forum: make post visible to wich a user replies
Courses / Forum: a user does not see the post to which he wants to reply.
It would greatly increase the usability if...


16:45 Bug #2944 (Bug resolved): lists: view is lost after sorting action
In many places, when selecting a view of 'xx' or 'ALL' and then sorting, the view is lost (again standard view of 20)... Anonymous
14:50 Bug #2939 (Bug resolved): Deleted course still present
Courses deleted through Course Maintenance are still present (but empty) in Admin/Courses
leading to error on open...
13:35 Bug #2934: Account not working after changing hour step setting in day (calendar) block
The error occurred on the personal 'home' page (setting Allow personal home page for each user was set to 'on')
I wa...
Michael Jongkamp
13:13 Bug #2934 (Feature implemented): Account not working after changing hour step setting in day (calendar) block
After changing de setting 'hour step' to '0,50' in the day calendar block on homepage, chamilo stops working for that... Michael Jongkamp
13:05 Feature #2933 (New): using existing admin groups when creating course groups
It is not possible to use an existing admin group when creating a course group; e.g. I created a group 'ELO-coördinat... Anonymous
10:30 Feature #2929 (Bug resolved): CKeditor: Undo & Redo
Is it possible to activate this two buttons?
Stefaan Vanbillemont

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