From 28/11/2010 to 27/12/2010


13:23 Bug #2471 (Bug resolved): SCORM Captivate
(copy & paste from
Sergio Vegas


08:51 Bug #2456 (Feature implemented): Fatal error when importing CPO
Fatal error: Cannot use repository\content_object\scorm_item\ScormItem as ScormItem because the name is already in us... Michael Hosdez


12:03 Bug #2353 (Bug resolved): other question types also broken
Most of this should have been fixed by now. Please retest and open seperate issues for individual problems (aside fro... Hans De Bisschop
12:00 Bug #1895 (Needs testing): versioning of documents
This should have been fixed. There were some inconsistencies when managing versions. Please retest (hard to recreate ... Hans De Bisschop
11:26 Feature #2443 (Bug resolved): An uploaded file with CO is not automatically included
Hans De Bisschop


12:56 Bug #776 (Rejected - Abandoned): Import object type qti2 .... failure
File contains non-qti markup. It may have been created by the old qti sub-system. Laurent Opprecht


10:37 Bug #2353 (New): other question types also broken
Sven Vanpoucke
10:11 Bug #2308 (Feature implemented): My publications does not show publications
seems to be solved now Anonymous


23:21 Feature #2443 (Bug resolved): An uploaded file with CO is not automatically included
When creating a CO with "Attachment" possibilities ( like a Note ) you can Upload a file and include this with the CO... Michael Hosdez


20:33 Bug #2191: hot potatoes zip file
one hotpotatoes file with one htm(l) file in it works perfectly for me (even with pictures / audio / movies etc inclu... Sven Vanpoucke
19:10 Bug #2191 (Needs more info): hot potatoes zip file
this issue has to be resolved because I need to create a zip-file even when I upload a single hot potatoes file, in w... dominique de guchtenaere
15:06 Bug #2421 (Needs testing): Youtube media broken
You need to have the YouTube external content instance enabled ... Hans De Bisschop
15:05 Bug #2421 (Feature implemented): Youtube media broken
Creating a Youtube video gives a blank screen.
The "Properties" are also gone.
Michael Hosdez
14:54 Bug #2414: Hotspot Question
attached the file.
just heard michaël: tested the hotspot, but the spot wasn't recognized : couldn't get a 'right' a...
Koen Favere
14:30 Bug #2414: Hotspot Question
Could you get me the results / outpur of the following site:
My best guess is that this i...
Hans De Bisschop
14:17 Bug #2414: Hotspot Question
the color delineating of the hotspot appear in the left upper corner of the repository, on the treeview....
Out of s...
Koen Favere
14:10 Bug #2414: Hotspot Question
i'll try it again.
Removing a color option isn't implemented (unremovable)
Picture of the hotspot is shown in...
Koen Favere
14:05 Bug #2414 (Needs testing): Hotspot Question
Hans De Bisschop
14:05 Bug #2414: Hotspot Question
Works fine for me ... Hans De Bisschop
14:02 Bug #2414 (Feature implemented): Hotspot Question
No hotspot can be drawn on the image (no delineating) Koen Favere
14:41 Bug #2419 (Feature implemented): Matrix question
Hans De Bisschop
14:31 Bug #2419 (Feature implemented): Matrix question
Removing of match not possible.
Gives error : 'form has errors, please complete the form'
Koen Favere
14:29 Bug #2418 (New): mediamosa error
error on clicking 'exporter title':
Fatal error: Class 'common\extensions\external_repository_manager\implementation...
14:27 Bug #2413 (Feature implemented): error on adding mediamosa es axternal repo
13:17 Bug #2413 (Needs testing): error on adding mediamosa es axternal repo
Jens Vanderheyden
13:08 Bug #2413 (Feature implemented): error on adding mediamosa es axternal repo
Fatal error: Call to a member function get_type() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\chamilogoogle\repository\php\lib\ext... Anonymous
14:19 Feature #2381: Repository create handbook +handdbookitem :
looked at the problem, it also exists in the portfolio complex builder.
new functionality created by some refactor...
Nathalie Blocry
09:41 Feature #2381: Repository create handbook +handdbookitem :
I will fix it asap but I don't think the content-objects related to the handbook application should be in the stable ... Nathalie Blocry
14:07 Bug #2310 (Feature implemented): error on editing wiki from repo
seems fixed Anonymous
13:28 Bug #2366: Edit / delete content object
I understand, no problem. Koen Favere
13:16 Bug #2366: Edit / delete content object
There is currently no workaround for this. Feel free to post a feature request for version 2.1. Hans De Bisschop
13:03 Bug #2366: Edit / delete content object
What about a work around instead of a rejection?
Koen Favere
09:53 Bug #2366 (Rejected - Abandoned): Edit / delete content object
So typing * works to show everything? Will need to disable that, it should never be possible unless we really want to... Hans De Bisschop
09:47 Bug #2366: Edit / delete content object
As hans stated already, the performance issues that we will encounter by enabling this will be a disaster. If we plac... Sven Vanpoucke
13:26 Usability #1986 (Feature implemented): sharing in repository
13:26 Usability #1986: sharing in repository
all right for the time being;
somewhat curious about a real production environment
13:01 Usability #2371: Slow- slower - slowest
I see a major difference when running locally. Will eventually cause major issues, even on fast servers. Really annoy... Koen Favere
08:56 Usability #2371: Slow- slower - slowest
I don't see a difference on my platform either. Sven Vanpoucke
13:00 Bug #2344 (Feature implemented): error on opening announcement object in repo
12:52 Refactoring #1920: BreadcrumbTrails
Still there, when viewing a topic and clicking on forum in the breadcrumbs e.g.:
Fatal error: Call to a member funct...
11:49 Bug #2346: forum topic/post
Question remains should the user see those 'background' objects in his repo? For most users this will be confusing. Anonymous
11:43 Bug #2339 (Feature implemented): zip-import in repo
fixed Anonymous
10:02 Bug #2353: other question types also broken
Weight is a property of the relationship between a question and an assessment, not a property of the question itself,... Hans De Bisschop
09:54 Bug #2353: other question types also broken
*Fill in the blanks: weight field missing on create (edit necessary afterwards to add the weight)
*Matrix: -when del...
08:55 Bug #2407 (Needs testing): Moving CO in Repository: Blank screen
Sven Vanpoucke


20:40 Bug #2407: Moving CO in Repository: Blank screen
Fixed. Hans De Bisschop
17:11 Bug #2407 (Feature implemented): Moving CO in Repository: Blank screen
When clicking on the "Move" icon of a Content Object in the Repository, a blank screen appears.
Michael Hosdez
20:25 Usability #2371: Slow- slower - slowest
It's no slower or faster then it was a few months ago as far as I know ? Hans De Bisschop
20:24 Usability #2371: Slow- slower - slowest
Performance has dropped considerably. It's very frustrating. This is a very critical issue. Koen Favere
19:38 Bug #1208: pictures in SCORM
tested and approved dominique de guchtenaere
16:08 Bug #2378 (Bug resolved): External repositories tree
Making a connection between Chamilo and external services requires configuration on both ends, so whereas the actual ... Hans De Bisschop
15:52 Bug #2378: External repositories tree
If an other admin is creating an external connection ( for example Google Docs ), other admins are seeing this also.
Michael Hosdez
12:37 Feature #2406 (Bug resolved): Document type previews
Automatic previews of supported and browser-displayable document formats (image, video, audio, flash, pdf, text, html... Hans De Bisschop
12:17 Bug #2366: Edit / delete content object
The attachments themselves are OK.
The fact that one has to type '*' and enter to get a treeview is not at all use...
Koen Favere
11:02 Bug #2369 (Bug resolved): Repository -> Browse templates -> Click on title of CO
Fixed. Hans De Bisschop
10:36 Bug #2376 (Bug resolved): Repository: after publishing CO
Someone apparently made a "booboo" with that wizard. Fixed now. Hans De Bisschop

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