From 21/09/2010 to 20/10/2010


15:59 Bug #2183 (Bug resolved): Repository - Shared objects: impossible to add extra user
Seems like it is not possible to add extra users when you click 'Edit share rights'. Stefaan Vanbillemont
15:58 Bug #2182 (Bug resolved): objects shared with me
the repository counts 241 shared objects, but shows only one Anonymous
11:02 Bug #2175 (Bug resolved): Repository - Recycle bin - failed to load component
I deleted 2 objects, navigate to the recycle bin and click on 'Root' because that was the original location. I get an... Stefaan Vanbillemont
11:01 Bug #2174 (Feature implemented): Repository - Version quota empty
The list of version quota is empty although I a dozen of content objects Stefaan Vanbillemont
10:48 Usability #2173 (Rejected - Abandoned): Repository: templates
To prevent doubles of content object It seems logic to me that in the list of templates (yours and others) you preven... Stefaan Vanbillemont
10:34 Bug #2172 (Bug resolved): Repository - Remove publication through 'My publications'
Possibility to remove/delete publication from within the repository doesn't work. I receive an error:
Stefaan Vanbillemont
10:20 Bug #2171 (Bug resolved): Repository - Unshare option not working
I shared a agenda object with 2 users and 1 group. In the 'shared objects' list I see the object staan. But when I cl... Stefaan Vanbillemont
10:05 Bug #2170 (Bug resolved): Repository - missing icon for Task object
no icon yet for the Task object in the table view of the repository Stefaan Vanbillemont


13:49 Refactoring #1920: BreadcrumbTrails
Still some problems with the crumbs, e.g. in group tool and at times in forum application Anonymous
11:30 Feature #2133: import button
or some (time) indication of the import process could be given Anonymous
10:41 Bug #2136 (Needs testing): New install, publish document...
Fixed the set right bug in
Sven Vanpoucke
08:39 Bug #2136: New install, publish document...
We have found this bug yesterday as well. The function set_right does not exist anymore and should be deleted from th... Sven Vanpoucke


21:06 Bug #2136: New install, publish document...
Owkay found it.... ;-)
So it has something to do with a tracker. I watched the tracker table and found that tracki...
Ludwig Theunis
20:48 Bug #2136 (Bug resolved): New install, publish document...
To notice this very strange bug you'll have to follow my guidelines very closely. This is because this bug happens on... Ludwig Theunis
13:08 Bug #2135: headers already sent when importing CPO
The CPO file has a filesize of 14MB, with a small CPO file ( <500KB ) there is no problem. Michael Hosdez
13:06 Bug #2135 (Bug resolved): headers already sent when importing CPO
When importing a CPO file, the following error occurs:
headers already sent in C:\Zend\Apache2\htdocs\Chamilo2\com...
Michael Hosdez
11:15 Bug #2134 (Bug resolved): Uploading a ZIP file
When importing the attached ZIP file into the repository I get the following error:
Directory name must not be emp...
Michael Hosdez
10:24 Feature #2133 (Bug resolved): import button
the import button should be grayed out when clicked once.
Users will surely clikck it again if it takes to long to u...
Koen Favere
09:26 Bug #2111 (Needs testing): Repository - Categories: trying to move all categories
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
09:23 Bug #2114 (Needs testing): Repository - Rights: white screen
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
09:20 Bug #2113 (Feature implemented): Repository - Copy to templates: headers already sent
I can not reproduce this bug in latest code... Sven Vanpoucke


16:04 Bug #2118: Putting PortfolioA as Child of PortfolioA is possible
this is still a problem because only the direct parent and used children are excluded.
I can still create loops that...
Nathalie Blocry
15:14 Usability #2129 (New): actions on selected checkboxes
in various places only one action is possible on selected checkboxes: remove/delete selected, whereas individual acti... Anonymous
08:50 Feature #2126: Element Finder
Would be a nice extra thing, but not a priority. On top of that I think *not* autoloading the elements should be the ... Hans De Bisschop
08:46 Feature #2126 (New): Element Finder
Extend the element finder to change the way it is used.
Now if you have a large amount of users, either all users ...
Sven Vanpoucke


20:54 Feature #2125 (New): LP & repository problems
As I said in
1) I uploaded 3 LP in a demo course: All OK, but when I look at repo...


10:16 Bug #2118 (Needs testing): Putting PortfolioA as Child of PortfolioA is possible
Nathalie Blocry
09:19 Bug #2118: Putting PortfolioA as Child of PortfolioA is possible
fixed, it was just a typo Nathalie Blocry


16:31 Refactoring #2120 (New): Repository - Application connector
We need a new connector between the repository and applications because we need to implement this in the application ... Sven Vanpoucke
11:32 Bug #2118 (Bug resolved): Putting PortfolioA as Child of PortfolioA is possible
In the complex builder and through the repoviewer I can add a portfolio as a child of itself.
This creates an endle...
Nathalie Blocry


16:30 Bug #2114 (Bug resolved): Repository - Rights: white screen
Same announcement, detail view, click on 'Rights': white screen Stefaan Vanbillemont
16:27 Bug #2113 (Feature implemented): Repository - Copy to templates: headers already sent
I have a announcement - detail view, I click on the link 'Copy to templates'. I receive a 'headers already sent' error Stefaan Vanbillemont
16:12 Bug #2111 (Bug resolved): Repository - Categories: trying to move all categories
I have created 5 categories, I select them all and use the table action: move
Result: white screen
Reason: no targe...
Stefaan Vanbillemont
14:46 Bug #2106 (Needs testing): assessment : hotspot question
You have to click on the edit button of the current option to select the polygon Sven Vanpoucke
14:31 Bug #2014 (Feature implemented): Importing Content Objects
I can not reproduce this bug in latest code, it seems to be working fine Sven Vanpoucke
09:13 Bug #2048 (Needs testing): right problems
Changed the entire rights system in the repository to improve the performance and fix these bugs Sven Vanpoucke


14:07 Refactoring #1920: BreadcrumbTrails
sill problems with forum breadcrumbs so it seems:
Component failed to load
14:04 Bug #2055 (Feature implemented): forum cannot be published from repository
fixed Anonymous
10:17 Bug #2106 (Bug resolved): assessment : hotspot question
when creating a new hotpot question. after uploading the picture, the first hotspot doesn't allow me to draw a polygo... Jens Vanderheyden


14:02 Usability #2091 (New): blog item feedback
the blog in Chamilo should follow the web 2.0 standards, where reactions are posted immediataly on blog items.
A fee...
dominique de guchtenaere
13:53 Usability #2090 (Bug resolved): build icon
The build icon (scissor) for complex content objects (forum/learning path/blog...)has a tooltip 'browse' in the repo... Koen Favere


11:35 Bug #2014: Importing Content Objects
I only seem to have this problem with portfolio's, not with simple content objects Nathalie Blocry


14:26 Bug #2048: right problems
This is a problem with the way how shared objects are retrieved. Due to performance reasons we can now only retrieve ... Sven Vanpoucke
14:25 Bug #2055 (Needs testing): forum cannot be published from repository
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
10:48 Usability #2067 (Bug resolved): RSS FEEDS Home
It would be better if RSS-feeds open standard in anew tab or window Anonymous
08:24 Bug #2052 (Feature implemented): No Repository rights
This is because when starting with a new platform, the end user doesn't have ANY rights on the system. The system adm... Sven Vanpoucke


13:37 Bug #2055 (Feature implemented): forum cannot be published from repository
to the forum application (only to courses) Anonymous
13:34 Feature #2054 (Feature implemented): drop down menu on selected items in repository
it would be very useful to extend the present drown down menu with the 'unlink selected'item; now this has to be done... Anonymous
13:06 Bug #2047: not possible to delete publications
Still a problem, now even for simple objects: [=Repository=SelectedPublicationNotDeleted=];
btw: what is the sense of...
09:22 Bug #2047 (Needs testing): not possible to delete publications
It's still possible to delete complex objects. However you have to detach/unlink or delete the complex items attached... a b
11:48 Usability #2053 (Feature implemented): Delete button in My Publications
If you go into "My Publications", there are "Delete" buttons for each published CO.
Because it's never possible to...
Michael Hosdez
11:18 Bug #2052 (Feature implemented): No Repository rights
When creating a user as "Course Administrator" and no "Platform Admin", that user has no rights to Create Content Obj... Michael Hosdez


16:38 Bug #1989 (Feature implemented): no create possible in repository for non-admin user
16:33 Bug #1973: external repository
still around e.g. Chamilo_structure_version2_hogent_proposal - Whic…;
StringUtilities error: The given value is not...
16:24 Bug #1898 (Feature implemented): error on gallery view
16:23 Bug #1888 (Feature implemented): error on opening repository
14:20 Bug #2004: mediamosa browse error
*Uploaded file imported to repo does not play
*export error: Component failed to load
12:07 Bug #2048 (Bug resolved): right problems
*setting group rights has no effect on rights of the members of that group
*setting rights on e.g. 5 objects in my r...
10:57 Bug #2047 (Bug resolved): not possible to delete publications
from My publications in repo if these are complex objects (wiki, lp, assignment...) Anonymous
09:36 Bug #1987: category manager move
also in latest localhost:
Fatal error: Call to a member function get_parent() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\chamilo...


14:45 Bug #2041 (Needs testing): Tabs in external repository manager
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
14:20 Bug #2041 (Feature implemented): Tabs in external repository manager
When you click on any other tab than the active one, the page is redirected to the login screen. However, the user is... Jens Vanderheyden
08:47 Bug #2004 (Needs testing): mediamosa browse error
Jens Vanderheyden

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