From 12/08/2010 to 10/09/2010


16:39 Bug #1989 (Feature implemented): no create possible in repository for non-admin user
does NOT show the list of object types to choose from Anonymous
16:21 Bug #1987 (Bug resolved): category manager move
[icl]category manager move of a selected category results in blank page Anonymous
14:41 Usability #1986 (Feature implemented): sharing in repository
own objects shared in the repository show yourself as[=Repository=OwnerId=] whereas this info is obvious and the user... Anonymous
10:58 Refactoring #1920: BreadcrumbTrails
Also problems with Forum application crumbs, error when selecting Forum in crumbs when on forum topic:
Component fai...
09:54 Bug #1977: mediamosa: configure
Trying to remove mediamosa external repo results in this error:
Component failed to load
09:49 Bug #1977 (Bug resolved): mediamosa: configure
changed variable login to loginname to avoid confusion
please remove mediamosa external repo and add again to avoid ...
Jens Vanderheyden
09:12 Bug #1977 (Bug resolved): mediamosa: configure
Clicking save after configure logs one out Anonymous
09:05 Bug #1973 (Needs testing): external repository
I can not reproduce this bug with latest code. I created a file with special characters and tried to import them with... Sven Vanpoucke


16:39 Bug #1973: external repository
error also with 'Chamilo_2_0_Repositories_2010_08_03.pdf' where there are no 'special' characters; string length? Anonymous
15:54 Bug #1973 (Feature implemented): external repository
google docs: error when saving a file to one own repository, i.e. with certain characters (e.g. '-') in the file name... Anonymous
14:51 Bug #1969 (Bug resolved): Complex Builder & rights on repository items
The complex builder shows any content-type that can be added to the complex content object, including the ones you ca... Nathalie Blocry
13:37 Refactoring #1920 (Assigned): BreadcrumbTrails
Sven Vanpoucke
13:37 Refactoring #1920 (Needs testing): BreadcrumbTrails
Added a generic way to do this and completed it for the group application in
Sven Vanpoucke


16:22 Bug #1955: Complex content objects
seems to work again, great!
But the editing of the child-objects doesn't work (inside the complex builder. don't kno...
Nathalie Blocry
14:42 Bug #1955 (Needs testing): Complex content objects
a b
11:48 Bug #1955 (Bug resolved): Complex content objects
The complex builder seems to be broken. when trying to create an assessment, portfolio, wiki in the repository it get... Nathalie Blocry
14:20 Bug #1830 (Feature implemented): calendar event datepicker
This seems to be fixed in latest code Sven Vanpoucke
13:57 Bug #1943 (Feature implemented): external repository
This seems to be working with latest code Sven Vanpoucke
13:56 Bug #1954 (Feature implemented): Repository -> create
Due to the rights system behind the content object types. Everything is only visible for the administrator. A teacher... Sven Vanpoucke
11:47 Bug #1954 (Feature implemented): Repository -> create
"Portfolio item" is one of the co-types you can create. this should not be possible. Nathalie Blocry
13:30 Bug #1746 (Feature implemented): creation of youtube co broken
This seems to be fixed with latest code Sven Vanpoucke
08:34 Refactoring #1920: BreadcrumbTrails
We should find a very very generic system that can be used together with the registrations of parameters. Sven Vanpoucke


11:19 Bug #1919 (Needs testing): Content Object Creation
In reference to the usability issue: If you set the rights on the root (by clicking the link on the action bar) you c... a b
11:14 Bug #1943 (Feature implemented): external repository
clicking in repository on External Repository - Youtube/Flickr gives a blank screen dominique de guchtenaere
09:03 Bug #1892 (Needs testing): import zip
This seems to be fixed with latest code Sven Vanpoucke
08:49 Bug #1897 (Needs testing): details button in repository
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
08:32 Bug #1893 (Needs testing): 2 move buttons
This seems to be fixed with latest code Sven Vanpoucke
08:31 Bug #1898 (Needs testing): error on gallery view
This seems to be fixed with latest code Sven Vanpoucke
08:30 Bug #1888 (Needs testing): error on opening repository
This seems to be fixed with latest code Sven Vanpoucke


09:18 Usability #1914: Typo in Repository Variable and English Text
All translations should be reviewed before releasing the final version. Sven Vanpoucke


10:23 Bug #1919: Content Object Creation
attention: this rights editing sometimes seems to work fine when testing, but instead of setting the rights for the c... Nathalie Blocry


14:19 Bug #1927 (Bug resolved): Error message in learning path with uploaded SCORM
System info:
MS Windows XP Pro, Version 2002, SP3
MS Windows IE 8.0.6001.18702


18:40 Refactoring #1920 (Assigned): BreadcrumbTrails
The BreadcrumbTrails seem to be very messed up all of a sudden Nathalie Blocry
18:39 Bug #1919 (Bug resolved): Content Object Creation
bug: the rights for creation of content object can not be set because I get the following error "[=Repository=Invalid... Nathalie Blocry
08:25 Usability #1916: Icon descriptions should be visible all the time
Same for edit icons in blocks at home page. Several people won't find them. Setting a page to edit mode with a button... Ralf Hilgenstock
08:23 Usability #1916 (Bug resolved): Icon descriptions should be visible all the time
Descriptions for icons are mostly invisible until you are moving the mouse onto it. From a usability point of view th... Ralf Hilgenstock


22:22 Usability #1914 (Bug resolved): Typo in Repository Variable and English Text
repository variable MetadataDutsch
The variable should be renamed to Dutch and the content to 'dutch'
Ralf Hilgenstock


12:47 Bug #1898 (Feature implemented): error on gallery view
There is an error when selecting 'gallery view' in the repository when some or all of the objects shown are not of th... Anonymous
11:00 Bug #1897: details button in repository
but in courses it works fine! Koen Favere
10:59 Bug #1897 (Bug resolved): details button in repository
results in white screen Koen Favere
10:54 Bug #1895 (Bug resolved): versioning of documents
I created several versions of a document.
Then I reverted a few versions.
Then I deleted the last version.
Koen Favere
10:49 Bug #1893 (Bug resolved): 2 move buttons
in repository of skible Koen Favere
10:44 Bug #1892 (Bug resolved): import zip
When importing a the attached zip file in the repository (it has in its turn a folder in it with 2 levels), no import... Koen Favere


16:12 Bug #1888 (Feature implemented): error on opening repository
Fatal error: Call to undefined method ContentObjectDisplay::get_thumbnail() in C:\wamp\www\chamilogoogle\repository\l... Anonymous


21:13 Feature #1883: Timeline view for a course
Given the functionality, architecture and the already built-in support for different course / tool views in 2.0, this... Hans De Bisschop
21:07 Feature #1883 (New): Timeline view for a course
View allowing to see the events of the course (calendar, announcements, tasks, exercises availability, etc) in a time... Yannick Warnier

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