From 25/07/2010 to 23/08/2010


16:12 Bug #1888 (Feature implemented): error on opening repository
Fatal error: Call to undefined method ContentObjectDisplay::get_thumbnail() in C:\wamp\www\chamilogoogle\repository\l... Anonymous


21:13 Feature #1883: Timeline view for a course
Given the functionality, architecture and the already built-in support for different course / tool views in 2.0, this... Hans De Bisschop
21:07 Feature #1883 (New): Timeline view for a course
View allowing to see the events of the course (calendar, announcements, tasks, exercises availability, etc) in a time... Yannick Warnier


16:07 Feature #1842 (New): application generator not up-to-date
the application generator was not changed after several refactoring
e.g. it doesn't implement the interface for th...
Nathalie Blocry


17:10 Bug #1830 (Feature implemented): calendar event datepicker
the date-picker on the creation form of a calendar event doesn't work Nathalie Blocry
11:34 Usability #1813: installation of content objects
plus: you have all these "annoying" dependencies that you are not always aware off-->
trying to remove "Fill In Bl...
Nathalie Blocry
11:23 Usability #1813 (Bug resolved): installation of content objects
when installing chamilo with just some of the applications, the content-objects related to all the other applications... Nathalie Blocry

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