From 06/07/2010 to 04/08/2010


17:10 Bug #1830 (Feature implemented): calendar event datepicker
the date-picker on the creation form of a calendar event doesn't work Nathalie Blocry
11:34 Usability #1813: installation of content objects
plus: you have all these "annoying" dependencies that you are not always aware off-->
trying to remove "Fill In Bl...
Nathalie Blocry
11:23 Usability #1813 (Bug resolved): installation of content objects
when installing chamilo with just some of the applications, the content-objects related to all the other applications... Nathalie Blocry


14:40 Bug #1746 (Feature implemented): creation of youtube co broken
when I try to create a youtube movie I get following error:
Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'PARAM_TYPE' in /v...
Nathalie Blocry


11:29 Bug #1735 (Bug resolved): opening pdf in frame (repoviewer)
The opening of pdf files in a frame does not work on all browsers/systems
doesn't work on
- Windows XP & Ubuntu +...
Nathalie Blocry


00:24 Feature #1506: spelling check in text boxes.
thnx... :-)
Ludwig Theunis


22:58 Feature #1506: spelling check in text boxes.
It's just a simple CKEditor setting to make it work again: Hans De Bisschop
20:57 Feature #1506: spelling check in text boxes.
for your information: if you choose TinyMCE the firefox spelling checker works fine.
Users kan choose themselves whi...
Nathalie Blocry
17:32 Usability #1730: YouTube object: size
Good idea. Not sure how we could do it yet, but maybe we should add the sizes which are officialy available for that ... Hans De Bisschop
17:25 Usability #1730 (New): YouTube object: size
the size (width & height) for a youTube object are mandatory
- it is difficult for users to decide what to put there...
Nathalie Blocry
14:26 Support #1729 (New): How to create new themes for chamilo
we have started to create our own chamilo theme but I am having problems with some of the elements like the ckeditor
Nathalie Blocry


11:31 Usability #1711 (New): CAS authentication error messages
phpCAS error messages look rather ugly and no instructions are included on how the administrator can still login to h... Hans De Bisschop


15:19 Usability #1704 (Assigned): Blog layout
The complex display of the blog content object needs to be rewritten to mimic the look and feel of modern day blogs l... Hans De Bisschop
14:22 Bug #1674 (Feature implemented): problem with imported cpo
Due to database changes in the beta version, some exported objects in the alpha version will not import correctly in ... a b
13:26 Refactoring #1693 (Needs testing): Tracking - Archive
Refactor the archive functionality Sven Vanpoucke
13:00 Feature #1689 (Assigned): Learning Path Builder
Add additional content objects to be added to the learning path (change blog_item to blog, youtube, vimeo, dailymotio... Sven Vanpoucke
12:57 Bug #1688 (Bug resolved): No weight in the assessment builder
o weight in the assessment builder table Sven Vanpoucke
12:55 Bug #1687 (Bug resolved): Wiki homepage selector
Can not select the homepage in the wiki builder Sven Vanpoucke
12:52 Feature #1686 (New): Extend the blocks on the homepage for more applications
Extend the blocks on the homepage for more applications Sven Vanpoucke

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