From 29/04/2010 to 28/05/2010


16:02 Bug #1399 (Bug resolved): student can publish objects
Probably minor bug.
Student can publish wathever learning object in a course he is inscribed in.
Koen Favere
15:59 Bug #1398 (Bug resolved): Glossary: student create
A student has a create button in a glossary.
Clicking the button shows a white screen...
Ludwig Theunis
15:16 Usability #1390 (New): mp3 in objects...
Mp3 files in an object ask for a media player to be installed. In IE media player plays the file OK.
In Firefox when...
Ludwig Theunis
14:54 Bug #1388 (Bug resolved): Uploading file (mp3) with forbidden chars..
A created document: Uploading a file (mp3) with forbidden chars shows other a chars in the link to the file. (see scr... Ludwig Theunis
14:22 Feature #1384 (New): Uploading html file with images.
When selecting an html file for upload, there's no check if images are used in the html-file like in the current vers... Ludwig Theunis
14:10 Bug #1382 (Feature implemented): learningpath prerequisites can not be fully removed
1 prerequisite still remains if you want to remove all prerequisites.
A blank rule in the listbox should be foreseen
Koen Favere
13:49 Bug #1381 (Bug resolved): sub learning path opens in a seperate window and causes error
Fatal error: ComplexBuilder::require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/var/www/code_sprint...
Koen Favere
11:46 Bug #1360: rights: not shown correctly for owner objects
Can you elaborate some more on the first issue? The second issue is not yet possible at the moment due to huge perfor... Sven Vanpoucke
10:52 Feature #1376 (New): Form key shortcut
It would be cool to use Ctrl - S as a create/update keyshortcut. Anonymous


12:07 Bug #1360 (Feature implemented): rights: not shown correctly for owner objects
* not shown correctly for owner objects (all red instead of green)
* search should by definition by on (th...


16:10 Bug #1349: Assessment: builder, view cloi
What still needs to be fixed according to me:
Fill in blanks
It's kinda confusing.
In one view you can fill in ...
16:04 Bug #1349: Assessment: builder, view cloi
I fixed the view for the rating slider Anonymous
15:02 Bug #1349 (Needs testing): Assessment: builder, view cloi
Fixed this for the multiple choice question if there are more question types please let me know
Sven Vanpoucke
14:59 Bug #1349: Assessment: builder, view cloi
which question types? Sven Vanpoucke
13:24 Bug #1349 (Bug resolved): Assessment: builder, view cloi
Almost all of the views of the questions aren't right, when clicking on their name in the table. Anonymous
14:52 Bug #1351: export repository: empty screen (again)
Note: even a relatively small repository takes remarkably long to export: adding a progress bar would help
14:42 Bug #1351 (Needs testing): export repository: empty screen (again)
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
14:06 Bug #1351 (Bug resolved): export repository: empty screen (again)
14:18 Bug #1324: possible to attach deleted objects
13:30 Bug #1343 (Needs testing): import cpo errors
This is working again after a fix from hans
Sven Vanpoucke
11:00 Bug #1343 (Bug resolved): import cpo errors
- complex objects (assessment and others): lose their constituents
- images in html (various places) get lost
12:23 Bug #1126: learning path: progress
Still a small remaining problem: after completing a LP: progress gives less than 100% (e.g. 75%);
Now always this err...


14:06 Bug #1324 (Bug resolved): possible to attach deleted objects
13:43 Bug #1324 (Needs testing): possible to attach deleted objects
10:12 Bug #1313 (Bug resolved): blank page when entering repository


16:02 Bug #1331 (Bug resolved): blank page when entering repository (nth)
15:46 Bug #1331 (Bug resolved): blank page when entering repository (nth)
again: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PUBLIC in C:\wamp\www\chamilogoogle\application\lib\portfolio\data_man... Anonymous
14:02 Usability #1329 (New): pdf (e.a.) in frame
In several applications and course modules documents are /should be shown in a frame.
For pdf-files this works, but ...
11:28 Feature #1326 (New): several back-up features
Back-up & restore features are generally missing now.
Things that are essential to a production environment are IMO:...
09:14 Bug #1324 (Bug resolved): possible to attach deleted objects
it is possible to attach deleted repository items to objects: the attach list also includes every item that is in the... Anonymous


15:16 Bug #1313: blank page when entering repository
solved Anonymous
11:45 Bug #1313 (Bug resolved): blank page when entering repository
augent install Anonymous


13:47 Support #1283 (New): Javascript
Sven asked me to check for certain things to see if they work when Javascript is deactivated.
The things that he ask...
10:14 Feature #1281 (New): platform search function
The platform wide search function is really too basic to be very useful.
*It would be a good thing to make it an adm...


09:55 Bug #1215 (Bug resolved): error on entering assessment from repository
Stefaan Vanbillemont
09:52 Bug #1117 (Bug resolved): user view
Stefaan Vanbillemont
09:29 Bug #1101 (Bug resolved): error on export repository
Retested and no problems anymore. Stefaan Vanbillemont
08:44 Bug #1101 (Needs testing): error on export repository
This seems to be working again with latest code Sven Vanpoucke


15:48 Bug #1271 (Bug resolved): Learning path doesnt't display image object
When I add an image as a LP step and when I run my LP, it propose me to Download the image, it doesn't display it.
Hubert Borderiou
15:47 Bug #1270 (Bug resolved): Blank screen updating a item inside my Learning Path
I've add some itme to build my learning path documents, link ...
I click on the Edit pen icon, I've got the edit scr...
Hubert Borderiou
15:12 Feature #1267 (Bug resolved): Document tool - Indicate max filesize
In the document creation form (and in all forms that allow to upload a document), the maximum file size of an uploade... Anonymous


11:27 Bug #1215: error on entering assessment from repository
solved (but slow loading) Anonymous
08:55 Bug #1215 (Needs testing): error on entering assessment from repository
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke


15:09 Bug #1126 (Needs testing): learning path: progress
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
11:36 Bug #1228 (Bug resolved): upload hot potatoes
When I upload a zip-file with 1 hot pot exercise and the pictures included in it, I get an error message (see attachm... dominique de guchtenaere


16:11 Bug #1101 (Needs more info): error on export repository
There it is again:
MDB2_Error Object ( [error_message_prefix] => [mode] => 16 [level] => 1024 [code] => -18 [messag...
15:36 Bug #1215 (Bug resolved): error on entering assessment from repository
Fatal error: Call to a member function get_id() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\chamilogoogle\common\application.class... Anonymous
12:17 Bug #1208 (Bug resolved): pictures in SCORM
I made a SCORM package with eXe learning and I included a wikipage with pictures in it. After uploading the SCORM p... dominique de guchtenaere
12:07 Usability #1207 (Feature implemented): SCORM
I uploaded 3 SCORM packages in a course and I immediately reached the maximum level of objects allowed in the reposit... dominique de guchtenaere
11:16 Bug #1125 (Feature implemented): imports
This is a problem with your local installation (settings for uploads that are not high enough) Sven Vanpoucke


09:49 Bug #1126 (Bug resolved): learning path: progress
progress is not indicated correctly; right arrow is greyed out when it should be active Anonymous
09:31 Bug #1125 (Feature implemented): imports
does once again not work, which makes any serious testing/presenting impossible:
Warning: POST Content-Length of 105...

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