From 19/05/2011 to 17/06/2011


08:33 Bug #3569: error when changing the parent of a menu item
I fixed the wrong message + added correct results when using the update method by changing query to exec. I noticed t... Sven Vanpoucke


15:08 Bug #2601 (Bug resolved): external links in menu
Stefaan Vanbillemont


09:55 Bug #3570 (Needs more info): class = "current'
I looked at the code to set the current tag and i have fixed the error where external links are always seen as "curre... Nathalie Blocry
09:38 Bug #1811 (Needs testing): Translation of Menu items
there is no user-interface for this for now, but you can manually add translations to the language files of the menu ... Nathalie Blocry
09:35 Bug #2601 (Needs testing): external links in menu
should be fixed again now.
to fix on existing platforms: change the value of the 'application' field in the databas...
Nathalie Blocry
09:32 Bug #3569 (Needs testing): error when changing the parent of a menu item
Nathalie Blocry


16:30 Bug #2601 (New): external links in menu
I get this problem on the stable again.
adding a category to the menu
adding an item to this category that is an ...
Nathalie Blocry
14:10 Bug #3570 (Needs more info): class = "current'
The tabs seem to get the tag class = current randomly.
some tabs get the tag everytime, some never get the tag neve...
Nathalie Blocry
13:57 Bug #3569 (Feature implemented): error when changing the parent of a menu item
the item is moved correctly but you get this error
Fatal error: Call to a member function free() on a non-object i...
Nathalie Blocry


12:00 Bug #2453: no log out tab
When will this be fixed?
It's still an issue on stable and dev, this problem is a combination of screen resolution <...
Michael Hosdez

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