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3628 Bug Bug resolved Fatal error after selecting a RSS feed Actions
3526 Bug Bug resolved Fatal error when editing a block item Actions
3525 Bug Bug resolved No selectable objects when configuring a feeder block Actions
3480 Bug Feature implemented Home - add tab: no refresh Actions
3479 Bug Feature implemented new column, is in fact new row? Actions
3303 Bug Bug resolved Strange behaviour when removing column on Home page Actions
3246 Usability Bug resolved Tooltips on block actions on the home page Actions
3230 Bug Bug resolved Logout button not working on Home Page Actions
3216 Bug Feature implemented Call to a member function free() on a non-object when editing a block Actions
3214 Bug Bug resolved Block titles are not translated Actions
3209 Bug Bug resolved "User identification" block is gone when new block is added Actions
2962 Usability Bug resolved "Add new block" on home page appears twice after double click Actions
2760 Bug Bug resolved Can't edit Portal Home Actions
2732 Feature Bug resolved Twitter integration: add twitter gadget as block Actions
2715 Bug Bug resolved Edit button on home page redirect to admin Actions
2709 Bug Bug resolved Remove column from the home page Actions
2695 Usability Bug resolved Add cancel button when editing tabs on homepage Actions
2689 Bug Feature implemented homepage : cannot remove new column Actions
2680 Feature Bug resolved Static block to display html content on home page Actions
2671 Usability Bug resolved Block's icon in "add block" is the application's icon Actions
2653 Bug Feature implemented Edit button on home page does not work Actions
2623 Bug Feature implemented manage default homepage lost block's type Actions
2618 Feature Bug resolved Allow blocks to be displayed on the front page when NOT logged in Actions
2454 Bug Feature implemented Home TAB Actions
2450 Bug Bug resolved Home Page corrupt after adding "Course List" block Actions
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