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3815 Bug Bug resolved what's new icon not updated Actions
3515 Bug Bug resolved Diagnoser error Actions
3251 Bug Bug resolved Element finder crashes when default content contains special characters. Actions
3226 Bug Bug resolved required official code on update profile (stable) Actions
3207 Bug Bug resolved Recursive category delete in category manager Actions
3204 Bug Bug resolved When viewing a document with attachment, no link is displayed Actions
3189 Bug Bug resolved Mouse-over row highlight in table data doesn't work on first row Actions
3022 Bug Feature implemented Unable to add platform groups in publisher Actions
2982 Feature Bug resolved Events: allow registration of trackers for other applications Actions
2973 Feature Bug resolved Theme: add managment functionalities to create, update and delete themes Actions
2930 Bug Bug resolved Shibboleth: infinite loop when shib is not enabled Actions
2925 Bug Bug resolved Shibboleth failing Actions
2778 Usability Feature implemented Weblcms tree menu (e.g. documents tool) Actions
2742 Bug Bug resolved IIS6 always forces https Actions
2696 Feature Bug resolved Block to display streaming media Actions
2678 Bug Bug resolved cannot view a handbook with a document item Actions
2677 Bug Feature implemented Cannot publish handbook from repository Actions
2627 Bug Bug resolved adding objects to learning path... Actions
2588 Bug Feature implemented General: table actions are not working anymore Actions
2586 Feature Bug resolved General: Generator meta and X-Powered-By header Actions
2580 Bug Feature implemented localhost broken? Actions
2578 Bug Bug resolved emailer not working Actions
2463 Bug Feature implemented adding/publishing existing items through the repoviewer Actions
2461 Bug Feature implemented failed to open dir: No such file or directory Actions
2423 Bug Feature implemented making a youtube in a learning path on the fly Actions
2130 Bug Bug resolved profile picture Actions
2105 Bug Bug resolved assessment : view results Actions
1979 Bug Bug resolved survey mdb2 error Actions
1910 Bug Bug resolved Cannot Manage Menu Items Actions
1710 Usability Bug resolved enabeling CAS Actions
1667 Support Feature implemented General remarks - forum post Actions
1393 Support Bug resolved no peer assessment category Actions
1315 Feature Feature implemented streaming video Actions
894 Bug Feature implemented Themes Classic and Drake Actions
740 Bug Feature implemented Update button of the children of the content object in the Object Builder Actions
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