From 16/05/2011 to 14/06/2011


08:54 Feature #2982 (Bug resolved): Events: allow registration of trackers for other applications
Stefaan Vanbillemont
08:54 Feature #2973 (Bug resolved): Theme: add managment functionalities to create, update and delete themes
Stefaan Vanbillemont


23:46 Bug #3515 (Bug resolved): Diagnoser error
Platform: DEV
Administration > Diagnose > *MySQL tab* gives this error:
Fatal error: Class 'common\libraries\Co...
Michael Hosdez


12:31 Feature #3447: collaboration objects
Indeed I fully agree with the ownership of 'strong' content objects.
There should also be room for 'light' content o...
Koen Favere


13:58 Feature #3447: collaboration objects
In the current philosophy of chamilo 2 it is very logic that the creator of an object stays the owner of the object f... Sven Vanpoucke
13:57 Feature #3447: collaboration objects
the course administrator is owner of e.g. a forum
the participants are owner of e.g. a forum topic
Koen Favere
13:52 Feature #3447 (New): collaboration objects
When creating forums, wikis, blogs,glossaries,.. the participants stay owner of these objects.
When these collabor...
Koen Favere


11:58 Support #3423: most recent translation to dutch
In attachment you will find the dutch translations, you can extract them to the server so you have automatically the ... Michael Hosdez
10:26 Support #3423 (Bug resolved): most recent translation to dutch
Both on waldorf stable and bones the current translation to dutch is not the most recent one. Koen Favere

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