From 05/09/2010 to 04/10/2010


14:14 Bug #1979: survey mdb2 error
still something wrong (with an existing survey):
Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening requ...
10:10 Bug #2105 (Bug resolved): assessment : view results
when i click on view results in the assement tool browser inside the weblcms i get this error
Fatal error: require...
Jens Vanderheyden


11:01 Bug #2046: Component failed to load
Fixed! Michael Hosdez
10:58 Bug #2045: Publish Forum from Repository
Fixed!! Michael Hosdez


15:33 Bug #2046 (Needs testing): Component failed to load
a b
10:11 Bug #2046 (Feature implemented): Component failed to load
When you open a forum in "My Publications", the following error occurs:
Component failed to load
Michael Hosdez
14:55 Bug #2045 (Needs testing): Publish Forum from Repository
a b
10:05 Bug #2045: Publish Forum from Repository
This error occurs for each CO in de repository!
Michael Hosdez
10:01 Bug #2045 (Feature implemented): Publish Forum from Repository
When publishing a forum from the repository, the following message occurs:
Missing argument 1 for Weblcms...
Michael Hosdez


14:54 Bug #1731 (Bug resolved): show actionbar
Sven Vanpoucke


10:54 Bug #1731: show actionbar
I have fixed it in our vub-theme. it's just one css file that needs to be updated. do you want me to update ruby and ... Nathalie Blocry


14:46 Bug #1731 (New): show actionbar
Other themes are not up to date, this includes problems with the actionbar. I don't know how to fix this. Sven Vanpoucke


14:30 Bug #1731 (Assigned): show actionbar
this is only fixed in the aqua theme, in the other themes the problem still exists so could you please let us know ho... Nathalie Blocry


14:23 Feature #2000 (Bug resolved): congratulations!!! Sven Vanpoucke
14:15 Feature #2000: congratulations!!!
Problem solved! Thanks a lot to all developers and testers for all the efforts already done, for this wonderful proje... Koen Favere
14:08 Feature #2000: congratulations!!!
I'll assign this one to you koen Sven Vanpoucke
14:00 Feature #2000 (Bug resolved): congratulations!!!
2000 bugs posted. Koen Favere


10:19 Bug #1979: survey mdb2 error
first page now ok, but when selecting publish: blank page Anonymous
10:16 Bug #1979 (Needs testing): survey mdb2 error
Survey requires reinstall. For the online icl server i have changed the database manually so a reinstall is not neces... Sven Vanpoucke
09:36 Bug #1979 (Bug resolved): survey mdb2 error
survey mdb2 error on selecting survey application
compare to 1963
MDB2_Error Object


09:20 Bug #1794 (Needs testing): "portfolio-item" co in attachements
Fixed this with the rights system in
Sven Vanpoucke


13:23 Bug #1731 (Bug resolved): show actionbar
This seems to be fixed in latest code Sven Vanpoucke


14:08 Bug #1941 (Needs testing): linker on home
a b
10:39 Bug #1941 (Bug resolved): linker on home
I create a new block on the homepage, I add Linker (on the level of Research-Linker, there are already a few links), ... dominique de guchtenaere

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