From 09/08/2010 to 07/09/2010


14:08 Bug #1941 (Needs testing): linker on home
a b
10:39 Bug #1941 (Bug resolved): linker on home
I create a new block on the homepage, I add Linker (on the level of Research-Linker, there are already a few links), ... dominique de guchtenaere


20:12 Bug #1910 (Bug resolved): Cannot Manage Menu Items
Was caused by a small typo. Should be fixed by now :) Hans De Bisschop
15:26 Bug #1910: Cannot Manage Menu Items
same problem with the groups application: not allowed (as admin) probably a general problem for all the admin tools? Nathalie Blocry
15:09 Bug #1910 (Bug resolved): Cannot Manage Menu Items
Admin -> menu -> manage
i get a "not allowed" error with a log-in screen (I am logged in as admin obviously, otherwi...
Nathalie Blocry

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