From 11/06/2010 to 10/07/2010


11:29 Usability #1710 (Bug resolved): enabeling CAS
You actually can by adding ?noExtAuth to the base-url of the platform. I'd have to check whether it's possible to mak... Hans De Bisschop
11:24 Usability #1710 (Bug resolved): enabeling CAS
enabling Cas but failing to configure it properly makes the platform inaccessible.
when going to the index page you ...
Nathalie Blocry


21:57 Usability #1501 (Feature implemented): questions in assessments...
Ludwig Theunis


14:18 Bug #1670: fckeditor
FCKEditor is no longer used or should no longer be used. If it is still being used somewhere, then that is the error ... Hans De Bisschop
14:16 Bug #1670: fckeditor
I don't why I get this error on the hosted domain, and not locally on my laptop. But I get the error and I can reprod... Ludwig Theunis
13:17 Bug #1670: fckeditor
Retested and no issue here. Stefaan Vanbillemont
09:43 Bug #1670 (Needs testing): fckeditor
I can not seem to reproduce this bug, however it is VERY strange that it still uses FCKeditor instead of CKeditor... Sven Vanpoucke


09:18 Bug #1670 (Bug resolved): fckeditor
I've installed the Beta on two different places. When I want to publish a document both give an error or a blanc scre... Ludwig Theunis


11:14 Support #1667 (Feature implemented): General remarks - forum post Stefaan Vanbillemont


14:02 Refactoring #1284 (Feature implemented): Table messages
This is fixed with a solution from both me and hans. There could be some places where we need to change a few things ... Sven Vanpoucke
08:47 Bug #894 (Feature implemented): Themes Classic and Drake
Removing both themes as they are seriously outdated and no longer relevant. More variants can be added if and when ne... Hans De Bisschop


13:47 Bug #1489 (Feature implemented): Platform install step "5. Applications", comment for applications are always the same
We still have to provide a different text for all the applications. Stefaan Vanbillemont


14:45 Refactoring #1130 (Bug resolved): Breadcrumbtrail
Changed everything to Breadcrumbtrail :: get_instance
Problems with breadcrumbtrail not being correct should be pos...
Sven Vanpoucke


13:15 Usability #1501: questions in assessments...
It is possible.
It is only a warning message. It didn't see.
Ludwig Theunis
12:17 Usability #1501 (Feature implemented): questions in assessments...
When adding a question the field 'question' and 'Description' have to be filled in. The 'question' becomes in fact th... Ludwig Theunis


14:32 Bug #1490 (Bug resolved): email gets selected while registering as new user
Ok .. closing this one! Stefaan Vanbillemont
13:18 Bug #1490: email gets selected while registering as new user
it seemed to happen on only one pc, on others things look fine. You can close this one Tim Brouckaert
13:04 Bug #1490: email gets selected while registering as new user
Can you give some more information about this? Sven Vanpoucke
10:39 Bug #1468 (Bug resolved): youtube (at first) not shown in ckeditor
Tested and fixed Stefaan Vanbillemont
10:25 Bug #1486 (Bug resolved): Error after login
Stefaan Vanbillemont
09:06 Support #1478 (Feature implemented): Announcing the alpha package worldwide
Stefaan Vanbillemont


19:38 Bug #1490 (Bug resolved): email gets selected while registering as new user
while i try to register on the alpha-platform, the email address gets selected while filling it in. when i keep on ty... Tim Brouckaert

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