From 15/06/2012 to 14/07/2012


15:46 Bug #3390 (Feature implemented): wiki problems
Will be fixed in a future release with the planned reworking of the rights systems. Anthony Hurst
15:36 Bug #3393 (Needs testing): export wiki statistics
No issues found with the latest code. Please retest. Anthony Hurst
15:29 Bug #4908 (Needs testing): wiki history and delete
Corrections made. Please retest once the test installation has been updated. Anthony Hurst
15:16 Bug #4909 (Needs more info): Page not visible anymore when linked to existing pages
Do you have an example wiki that I could import? I don't seem to be able to make the sort of links you refer to. Anthony Hurst
13:12 Bug #4911 (Needs more info): wiki - access details
The overview of the access details is to show every access (click) that a user has made in that tool / publication. Y... Sven Vanpoucke

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