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2402 Bug Bug resolved Portfolio > Browse Objects ( see other users ) > Actions
2291 Bug Feature implemented same as 2187 previously Actions
2271 Bug Bug resolved portfolio tab messed up Actions
2187 Bug Feature implemented does not show default system settings Actions
2002 Bug Feature implemented portfolio permissions not implemented? Actions
2001 Bug Feature implemented error portfolio permissions Actions
1676 Bug Feature implemented error: feedback on portfolio item Actions
1675 Bug Feature implemented portfolio Actions
1606 Bug Feature implemented error on publishing existing portfolio Actions
1316 Bug Feature implemented Portfolio permissions Actions
1314 Bug Bug resolved empty page on delete of a portfolio item Actions
1241 Usability Bug resolved portfolio Actions
1122 Bug Bug resolved not possible to publish portfolio Actions
882 Bug Bug resolved Portfolio: installation fails Actions
876 Bug Bug resolved all users visible in portfolio Actions
665 Feature Feature implemented cons in a portfolio : all te same (document) Actions
664 Bug Feature implemented publish portfolio : doesn't work Actions
635 Bug Bug resolved action bar problem in portfolio feedback Actions
486 Bug Bug resolved Applications - Checking publication visibility for specific users Actions
415 Bug Bug resolved error on adding document to portfolio Actions
232 Bug Feature implemented error on using breadcrumbs in portfolio Actions
216 Bug Bug resolved portfolio edit title Actions
150 Bug Bug resolved portfolio: portfolio=validation=title Actions

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