From 25/03/2010 to 23/04/2010


15:49 Usability #1091 (Bug resolved): Personnal messenger ergonomy
Actually the personnal messenger module looks like a simple web mail application.
It uses the same vocabulary :
- i...
Hubert Borderiou
14:37 Bug #1066 (Feature implemented): "share with" in the personal message is broken
when you try to publish a personal message and share it with some the personal message fails Anonymous
14:33 Usability #1065 (New): Filter personal messenger message sending to groups I'm part of
Sending messages to groups I'm not part of shouldn't be allowed (leading to spamming?). Same thing applies to people ... Yannick Warnier
14:21 Feature #1063 (Bug resolved): Personal Messenger New messages
It would be nice to have an alert in the side menu that shows there are new messages in the inbox.
Maybe somewhere o...
14:21 Usability #1062 (Bug resolved): usability: selecting multiple users
selecting multiple users is bothersome esp. with a large number of users
(same problem in other selection lists else...
14:20 Usability #1061 (Feature implemented): Sending a message shouldn't be a 2-pages process
The fact that the process of sending a simple message is broken down in two steps is very unintuitive and unpractical. Yannick Warnier
14:17 Bug #1059 (Bug resolved): Personal Messenger Send to groups
The message says it hasn't been sent.
But others seem to have received it and the messages are in the the outbox.
14:12 Bug #1058 (Feature implemented): Reply doesnt work in personal messager
when replying to a message it creates the message in the repository, but it doesn't send it to the person, it also do... Johan Janssens
14:10 Bug #1057 (Bug resolved): reply does not work properly
the reply is stored in the repository but not sent.
on reply, you 'd expect to see your reply under the original mes...

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