From 06/03/2011 to 04/04/2011


16:02 Usability #3199 (Rejected - Abandoned): treemenu remember position & status (folded/unfolded)
now in a complex tree menu the only possibility is completely folded or completely unfolded, the treemenu should idea... Nathalie Blocry
15:59 Feature #3198 (Feature implemented): delete and move handbook-topic from within handbook application
Nathalie Blocry


20:56 Feature #3168 (New): connect handbook to help application
we will make a component that makes it easy to map handbook topics to help items
by making the base-url easily chang...
Nathalie Blocry
16:39 Feature #3167 (New): back & forward buttons to go through handbook publication
Nathalie Blocry


16:57 Bug #3164 (Bug resolved): link to handbook buggy
linking to a handbook-topic seems to work fine, linking to a handbook results in a blank page Nathalie Blocry


12:23 Bug #2937 (Bug resolved): Handbook App - URL is hardcoded when exporting
Stefaan Vanbillemont
12:17 Bug #2937 (Needs more info): Handbook App - URL is hardcoded when exporting
Tested on different platforms, it's working now.
The correct CPO file in attachment.
Michael Hosdez


16:30 Feature #3094 (New): Print handbook
for now only text is printed.
links and images should be printed too
Nathalie Blocry
16:20 Feature #3092 (Feature implemented): glossaries in handbook app
I need to add the possibility to link to a glossary item from within a handbook-topic
i will probably make a ckedito...
Nathalie Blocry
16:16 Feature #3091 (Feature implemented): bookmarks in handbook
I am going to implement bookmarks in the handbookapp. but it might be a good idea to not make this application-specif... Nathalie Blocry


20:26 Bug #2937: Handbook App - URL is hardcoded when exporting
Nathalie Blocry wrote:
> UPDATE repository_handbook_topic SET text = replace(text, '*wrong_path_to_server_including_s...
Nathalie Blocry
15:00 Bug #2937: Handbook App - URL is hardcoded when exporting
Can you recheck this?
Stefaan Vanbillemont

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