From 05/02/2011 to 06/03/2011


17:43 Bug #2937 (Needs testing): Handbook App - URL is hardcoded when exporting
patch to fix this bug.
to fix existing links I think it is easiest to do it directly in the database with something ...
Nathalie Blocry
14:13 Bug #2937 (Bug resolved): Handbook App - URL is hardcoded when exporting
When exporting a handbook and importing it again on another platform, the links are redirected to the platform where ... Michael Hosdez
10:49 Feature #2681: Block for handbook
Patch. Passes html validation. Laurent Opprecht


14:32 Feature #2681: Block for handbook
Patch for - this needs to be applied to main - :
changed to use *published* handbooks
checked that view of handbo...
Laurent Opprecht


10:45 Feature #2681: Block for handbook
correct we could solve this on an application-per-application base (we did this for the portfolio on our installation... Nathalie Blocry

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