From 28/12/2010 to 26/01/2011


15:18 Feature #2681: Block for handbook
That would be a list of all handbook items displayed in the block.
The user can access handbooks element by clicking...
Laurent Opprecht
15:03 Feature #2681: Block for handbook
you want the complete content of the handbook on the homepage? or just a link to a published handbook that will open ... Nathalie Blocry
14:55 Feature #2681 (Bug resolved): Block for handbook
Create a block to dislay a handbook's content on the homepage. Laurent Opprecht
14:56 Bug #2638 (Needs testing): publish handbook
fixed in
Nathalie Blocry
13:52 Bug #2676 (Bug resolved): handbook application
Handbook - edit handbook item - PickItemToEdit : changing the number gives this error message:

Fatal error: Call ...
dominique de guchtenaere


13:18 Bug #2638 (Bug resolved): publish handbook
not possible from repository.
it's possible from the handbookapplication itself
Koen Favere

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