From 14/02/2011 to 15/03/2011


09:42 Usability #3035: Forum: previow topic in list view
additionally , when in a topic, add navigation to previous & next topic, making it unnecessary to first return to lis... Anonymous


12:05 Usability #3036 (New): Forum: answer forum topic from the forum list
in forum view
add "Reply on topic" button to post a message without entering the topic
Laurent Opprecht
12:00 Usability #3035 (New): Forum: previow topic in list view
Either add a view and/or modifiy current forum view:
* add the message's preview to the list
* possibly limit the...
Laurent Opprecht
11:55 Usability #3034 (New): Forum: add topic from list screen
General comment: too many clicks in forums.
in course ->browse forum
add buttons to the table to:
- add a top...
Laurent Opprecht

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