From 18/03/2010 to 16/04/2010


14:32 Bug #998 (Bug resolved): no icon
no icon if you make a a topic of a forum important Anonymous
14:31 Bug #997 (Bug resolved): Forum views.
The views don't add up properly.
23 views and 3 replies ok but,
0 views and 5 replies?
0 views and 3 replies?
14:30 Bug #994 (Bug resolved): subcategories in forum
you can still make subcategories in forum, but there is no forumview for this Anonymous
14:27 Feature #990: View images in post
Ok, ik heb het gevonden.
Maar misschien dat dat allemaal wat makkelijker en duidelijker kan zijn.
14:21 Feature #990 (Feature implemented): View images in post
Would it be able to let an image attachment show in the post. Anonymous
14:24 Bug #988: Forum
Attachment issue same in teacherview Anonymous
14:23 Bug #988: Forum
This happens when in studentview Anonymous
14:20 Bug #988 (Feature implemented): Forum
- Can't edit a reply.
- Can't view an attachment.
14:21 Bug #989 (New): Courses: forumtool: edit without notification that the post was edited
course manager can update a forum post, but after the update it should say it was edited and by who
last edited by...
Johan Janssens
14:10 Feature #987 (Bug resolved): Forum - add emoticons
Being able to add emoticons would be cool. Anonymous


09:40 Bug #679 (Feature implemented): Forum - Views count not correct
Stefaan Vanbillemont
09:37 Bug #677 (Bug resolved): Forum - Add attachment
Stefaan Vanbillemont


15:13 Bug #677 (Needs testing): Forum - Add attachment
Fixed this in
Sven Vanpoucke
14:55 Bug #679 (Needs testing): Forum - Views count not correct
The views are context bound, meaning that a topic that is viewed in one course 20x is not viewed 20x in another cours... Sven Vanpoucke

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