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3939 Usability Bug resolved WeblcmsToolTitle's are not translated in course > maintenance > empty Actions
3818 Bug Bug resolved Course Export does not work when there is a fill_in_the_blank_question; Import of the course does not work. Actions
3805 Bug Bug resolved learning path item not shown when selected from the learning path item browser Actions
3803 Bug Bug resolved SecurityCodeNotValid Error when viewing the submission for the assignment Actions
3645 Bug Bug resolved dropdown list unsubscribe groups Actions
3605 Feature Bug resolved downloading documents as zip Actions
3575 Bug Bug resolved student view gone... Actions
3572 Bug Bug resolved scorm import via course learning path: error Actions
3561 Bug Bug resolved Fatal error when clicking SlideShow Actions
3560 Bug Bug resolved Fatal error when clicking ShareContentObject Actions
3557 Bug Bug resolved updating introduction text: Actions
3532 Bug Bug resolved Courses not accessible after creating an introduction Actions
3531 Bug Bug resolved Error when opening Reporting in a course Actions
3520 Bug Bug resolved Error in course settings when no users are subscribed Actions
3518 Bug Bug resolved Error when exporting statistics of a wiki page to PDF Actions
3517 Bug Bug resolved Error when PublishAndBuild a forum Actions
3516 Bug Bug resolved Fatal error when clicking View the results summary Actions
3513 Bug Bug resolved Fatal error when taking assessment Actions
3510 Bug Bug resolved Building an assessment into a course not allowed Actions
3509 Bug Feature implemented published content object visible in 2 tabs Actions
3497 Bug Bug resolved course icons Actions
3496 Bug Bug resolved Fatal error - InheritRights locks the course Actions
3487 Bug Feature implemented student view Actions
3486 Bug Bug resolved icons Actions
3484 Bug Bug resolved menu in courses Actions
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