From 10/09/2013 to 09/10/2013


14:23 Bug #6760 (New): Weblcms Platformgroup subscription... Fatal error get_id()
After deleting a particular platformgroup, you will get a fatal error when you go to the Platformgroup subscription i... Ludwig Theunis


09:01 Bug #6723: moving CO's in learning path
Update: it works fine on the updated testplatform
it doesn't work on our own schoolplatform e-perspectief
dominique de guchtenaere
08:53 Bug #6738 (New): impossible to view results from hot potatoes
after clicking the "manage attempts" button, it's impossible (for coursemanager and student) to view results from hot... dominique de guchtenaere


11:45 Bug #6723 (New): moving CO's in learning path
It's impossible to move a content object from the root of a learning path to a sub-learning path. This last one isn'... dominique de guchtenaere


17:40 Bug #6181: Course type : Updaten cursus met gewijzgde parameters
Zie bijlage. Voor zover ik weet de enigste analyse die er gemaakt is naast die van de benelug. Sven Vanpoucke
16:05 Bug #6181: Course type : Updaten cursus met gewijzgde parameters
bij het updaten van cursustypes met grote aantallen cursussen lijken de settings ook niet goed te worden doorgevoerd ... Nathalie Blocry


11:06 Bug #6668: Peer assessment from repository (English) - fatal error
Still fatal error? Anneleen Verckens
10:59 Bug #6615 (Bug resolved): Peer assessment - export results - fatal error
tested, works! Anneleen Verckens


12:09 Bug #6700 (Needs testing): editing assessment (in learning path): fatal error
... Anonymous


08:31 Bug #6682 (Bug resolved): peer assessment after merge: latest commit 27/04
I pulled the default branch: it worked, thanks! Anonymous


22:48 Bug #6682 (Needs testing): peer assessment after merge: latest commit 27/04
The merge wasn't executed at all.
So I have just merged the dev repository with the stable. So you should no...
Ludwig Theunis
13:46 Usability #6408 (Bug resolved): subfolder in portfolio does not show portfolio or folder icon, but rather the document icon
Nathalie Blocry

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