From 01/01/2013 to 30/01/2013


16:05 Bug #5937 (New): Wrong rights when creating document categories via 'GroupGroup'
When creating groups via 'GroupGroup' and checking 'Documents', only the first gruop gets rights on the created root ... Anonymous
15:49 Bug #5936 (New): Unable to remove document categories created with group tool's 'GroupGroup' feature
Could be fixed by removing the 'special folder flag' Anonymous
15:48 Feature #5935 (New): Wiki: history doesn't show who made changes
In the wiki-application, it's impossible to see who made changes to the wiki, althought you would expect this to see ... Frederic Raes
15:41 Bug #5934 (New): Editing a group made with 'GroupGroup' shows wrong data
Editing a group made with 'GroupGroup' shows data of the clicked group in the form fields of the first group. Submitt... Anonymous
15:24 Bug #5933 (New): Hot Potatoes: result of assessment doesn't correspond to result in reports module
When taking an assessment containing Hot Potatoes questions, the result of my assessment is not saved in the reports ... Frederic Raes
14:10 Bug #5932 (New): Hot Potatoes: imported exercises are only in the repository
When importing Hot Potatoes exercises via the course, the exercises are saved in the repository, but not in the course. Frederic Raes
12:41 Feature #5931 (New): Assessment: in the builder component, you can't move more than 1 question at the same time
Only 1 question at the same time can be moved, which could be very time consuming if you want to move a question from... Frederic Raes
12:37 Bug #5930 (New): Assessment: when you go the previous page, the answers you gave are lost
When taking an assessment spread over several pages, you can use the button 'Vorige' (previous) to go back to the pre... Frederic Raes
12:30 Feature #5929 (New): Show doubles in repository: in which categories are they?
Nice option to show content objects that are more than once in the repository ("Toon dubbels"). Unfortunately, you ca... Frederic Raes
12:27 Feature #5928 (New): Delete a published content object from repository
Now you can delete a category in the repository which contains published content objects: simply click 'accept impact... Frederic Raes
12:23 Feature #5926 (New): Impossible to sort the course list by course administrator
You can sort the list by name of the course, by code, .... but not by course administrator. Frederic Raes
12:13 Feature #5925 (New): Show more than 1 course administrator
In the course overview, only one course administrator is shown. It should have to be possible to add several course a... Frederic Raes
11:28 Feature #5923 (New): Assessment: add option to hide correct answers after submitting an assessment
Now the correct answers are shown automatically to the student after submitting his assessment.
As a course administ...
Frederic Raes
11:23 Feature #5922 (New): A course manager cannot unsubscribe from a course
This should be possible if there is at least one other course manager. Anonymous
11:19 Feature #5921 (New): Assessment: negative values can only be used for integer numbers
In a multiple question, I want to add a negative value to the incorrect options, but only integer numbers are accepte... Frederic Raes
11:16 Bug #5920 (New): Assessment: math symbols in multiple choice question
When using the math symbols in option A of the question, you can't use other symbols in option B or C: the same symbo... Frederic Raes
10:59 Feature #5918 (New): Assessment: results can't be sorted by student name
As a course administrator, you can't sort the results of the students alphabetically. They automatically come in chro... Frederic Raes
10:44 Bug #5916 (New): Forum: e-mail notification remains active after unsubscribing from a course
When activating the e-mail notification button in a forum, this notification remains activated after unsubcribing fro... Frederic Raes


15:33 Bug #5485 (Bug resolved): Course titular default is platform admin
Fixed Koen Favere


16:17 Bug #5892 (New): copying contentobject with included objects is completely broken
copying contentobject with included objects is completely broken. Appartently, after the changes to the internal link... Michael Jongkamp


03:34 Feature #5872 (New): Course import CSV - create a course and assign it to multiple teacher account?
Is that possible to create a course and assign it to multiple teacher account in one bulk operation?
Thank you.
Valérie Gérard

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