From 06/08/2012 to 04/09/2012


15:48 Bug #5397: Course type - direct subscribe/unsubscribe not set correctly
OK, thanks. I did this on C2.1, but on C3, I - mistakenly - thought that course types would do this for me. Parcifal Aertssen
15:03 Bug #5360: course administration
OK, thanks, this helped me.
But why do you keep the data in 2 tables, you only need the one in the course table? E...
Parcifal Aertssen
08:16 Bug #5360: course administration
That is because the titular, language and category is duplicated in the course table for performance reasons. If it's... Sven Vanpoucke
12:30 Bug #5413 (New): Course list bug: impossible to jump to the next page
When subscribing in different courses, there is a problem with the course list.
In a course category, when I click t...
Frederic Raes
12:09 Bug #5412 (New): Importing a YouTube movie changes the visualisation of the repository
When I add a youtube movie (external repository) to my repository, my repository automatically changes into gallery p... Frederic Raes
12:01 Bug #5411 (New): Repository: search filter remains activated
After using the search filter in the repository, this filter remains active, even when returning to the repository ma... Frederic Raes
10:45 Usability #5408 (New): treeview in course tools
Treeview should always be on the left side....and collapsable. If you have a lot categories, the items aren't visibl... Tim De Geeter
08:17 Bug #5399: create course buggy
It's not an ajax request, it's an actual page postback so the javascript state is lost. Sven Vanpoucke


18:52 Bug #5360: course administration
no, the course titular is correctly set. You even see the teacher in the courses overview, you see the visual code, t... Parcifal Aertssen
08:38 Bug #5360 (Needs more info): course administration
The list of course administrators is the list of everyone that is added to you chamilo installation with the status t... Sven Vanpoucke
16:29 Bug #5399: create course buggy
if it is async (ajax), you can remember the filled in values and restore them after the postback? Parcifal Aertssen
08:07 Bug #5399: create course buggy
Since we have to wait for a postback, the only solution here could be to temporarly disable all input fields untill t... Sven Vanpoucke
08:32 Bug #5397: Course type - direct subscribe/unsubscribe not set correctly
The settings are not added due to the fact that your script that is used for bulk course creation is probably only us... Sven Vanpoucke
08:26 Bug #5398 (Needs more info): Cannot subscribe users even as course admin in your own course
There are two rights defined:
* Direct subscribe available (for people to subscribe to the course when they are no...
Sven Vanpoucke


12:52 Bug #5398: Cannot subscribe users even as course admin in your own course
in addition you can subscribe platform admins, but no one else if direct subscribe is disabled??? Parcifal Aertssen
10:31 Bug #5398 (Needs more info): Cannot subscribe users even as course admin in your own course
If direct subscribe is set to nobody in a course, you as the the course admin cannot even subscribe someone? This is ... Parcifal Aertssen
10:36 Bug #5399 (New): create course buggy
Create course has quite a buggy GUI. If you want to create a course and select the course type and immediately type i... Parcifal Aertssen
10:22 Bug #5360: course administration
this when using course types Parcifal Aertssen
10:17 Bug #5397 (Bug resolved): Course type - direct subscribe/unsubscribe not set correctly
Even if you set the direct subscribe/unsubscribe right in the course type, this setting is not used when you create c... Parcifal Aertssen


20:01 Bug #5139 (Bug resolved): Courses/documents/ error on importing zip file
I got it working on the lily release, I overlooked one of your changes in the repo_viewer. Parcifal Aertssen
19:38 Bug #5139 (New): Courses/documents/ error on importing zip file
This problem still occurs when publishing from the course document tool even after committing your bugfix to the lily... Parcifal Aertssen
00:33 Bug #5374 (New): Course category sorting missing translation
when clicking "sorteer mijn cursussen" and then moving a category up or down Parcifal Aertssen


21:26 Bug #5372 (New): user translation
If you want to make a user platform admin, you'll see... Parcifal Aertssen
21:24 Bug #5371 (New): Missing translations in administration
Almost on every page there is a word that is missing translation:
Parcifal Aertssen
21:09 Bug #5370 (New): ViewAsUser translation
ViewAsUser translation missing in user tool of course Parcifal Aertssen
20:55 Bug #5369 (New): Missing assessments
You only have the choice between "Assessment" and "Hot potatoes" if you add an assessment using the tool in the cours... Parcifal Aertssen
20:51 Bug #5368 (New): Missing translation in assessments
Parcifal Aertssen
20:45 Bug #5367 (New): course group translations missing
missing course group translations Parcifal Aertssen
20:38 Bug #5366 (New): Ephorus na icon missing
Ephorus N/A icon missing Parcifal Aertssen
20:33 Bug #5365 (New): course category
If you change some course type settings (like direct subscribe right), the change is not reflected in the existing co... Parcifal Aertssen
20:20 Bug #5364 (New): Course settings category
In course settings the selected category does not reflect the correct one (the course is also in a course type) Parcifal Aertssen
16:35 Bug #5362 (New): Confirm off
In course administration everything is in dutch except "Confirm off" Parcifal Aertssen
16:32 Bug #5361 (New): missing translation SectionCourseAdministration
if you choose "Twee kolommengroep niet actief" (op zich al geen correct nederlands) in course administration, you see... Parcifal Aertssen
16:21 Bug #5360 (Bug resolved): course administration
The titular of the course is incorrect in course administration. If you then update the form, you are no longer the t... Parcifal Aertssen


12:31 Support #5339 (New): publicatie delen met medebeheerder, share publication
When publishing the option share with course managers used to be ticked. (standerd)
Now the standard has been change...
steven van loo
12:21 Bug #5338 (New): Sorting by column headers
When trying to order alfabethically a long list of users / courses by means of the column headers, a previously made ... steven van loo
12:11 Bug #5337 (New): chronology in chat
When closing and reopening the chat function in a course, the chronology in the entries is messed up.
See att
steven van loo


13:16 Bug #5139: Courses/documents/ error on importing zip file
same problem persists:


14:02 Bug #5324 (New): extra lines for the creation of more than one new category
When creating a new category in the document tool this occurred:
Error message that extra lines (which I did not a...
steven van loo
13:49 Bug #5323 (New): import in doc tool (x)
Against all odds I managed to import zip (with 3 videos) via doc tool.
The imported zip unzipped nicely in the repos...
steven van loo
13:36 Bug #5322: import in doc tool
in att error message desiderius steven van loo
13:33 Bug #5322 (New): import in doc tool
importing doc in doc tool does not work (a jpg works, but audio is corrupted, html causes message unknown type (in De... steven van loo
11:16 Bug #5321 (New): View in document tool
The views galerij and diavoorstelling do not seem to work in the document tool. They report "no objects found" altho... steven van loo
09:49 Bug #5320 (New): Plus-button for more lines when adding categories
When using the little green plus button (for adding more than one new category) in the document tool I get more lines... steven van loo


13:06 Bug #5314 (New): Playing avi
When clicking on avi-file in rep or doctool the avi plays only the sound, embedded in chamilo. No screen, no image, n... steven van loo
12:21 Bug #5313 (New): zip import in doc tool
win 7, ff13,
Importing a zip in the doc tool:
Zip with one avi file: imported and publis...
steven van loo


20:42 Bug #5300 (New): Course type lock visibility....
With the course type it is possible to define the availability and the visibility of a tool by default. It is also po... Ludwig Theunis
20:29 Bug #5233 (Bug resolved): Course types
Downloaded the latest version on 12/8, The fatal-error is resolved, so it is possible to create course types. Ludwig Theunis


12:39 Bug #5039 (New): Link with ShowInFrame issue
Still the same problem with latest stable code.
Michael Hosdez
12:02 Usability #5292 (New): publishing from a course: not possible to select based on date
When publishing from a course, the date field is not shown. It would be useful to be able to select from a list that ... Anonymous


13:29 Bug #4995 (Bug resolved): glossary item
retested on lasted local code, resolved (image is visible in list view) dominique de guchtenaere
13:05 Bug #5090 (New): cpo export from 2.1 to 3
Hogent did the migration. They should have migrated to version 3. dominique de guchtenaere
13:02 Bug #5115 (New): Learning path item attempts are deleted by clicking the pie icon
dominique de guchtenaere
13:02 Bug #5115: Learning path item attempts are deleted by clicking the pie icon
not yet resolved. Attached small learning path (cpo) with 1 assessment.
steps to test:
# publish LP in course
# ta...
dominique de guchtenaere


13:12 Bug #5233 (Needs testing): Course types
Corrections made to stable. Please test with latest stable code. Anthony Hurst
13:10 Bug #5183 (Needs testing): Some issues concerning course types: language, invisible tools, announcements...
Issue readdressed on stable. Please retest. Anthony Hurst


15:33 Bug #5183 (New): Some issues concerning course types: language, invisible tools, announcements...
Still an issue.
Michael Hosdez

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