From 19/04/2012 to 18/05/2012


15:07 Bug #4774 (Bug resolved): Course user category edit + sort not working
If you have created course user categories and want to change the title or the sort order, you get php errors:
Parcifal Aertssen
14:49 Bug #4772 (Bug resolved): RSS feed not working for non-admins
in the home block "course menu" (cursusmenu), click on the RSS icon as a non-admin, you will see a blank page. On DEV... Parcifal Aertssen
14:20 Feature #4771 (New): Course category browser usability
There should be a splitter between the category menu and the list of courses, so you can make the menu wider. Parcifal Aertssen
14:14 Usability #4770 (New): Course category treeview usability
If you have lots of course categories with lots of subcategories, it is unworkable to navigate to the correct node as... Parcifal Aertssen
14:07 Bug #4769 (Bug resolved): Tools sort ignored
If you set the sort of the tools in the CourseModule, this value is ignored. Parcifal Aertssen
13:47 Bug #3463: course tools are not always shown in same order
This is not fixed in 2.1 Parcifal Aertssen
13:23 Bug #4768 (Rejected - Abandoned): Course user category order
If you have created course user categories (dutch: categorie cursusgebruiker) for your courses and they have all the ... Parcifal Aertssen
13:18 Bug #4767 (Needs testing): Delete course cleanup rights
If you delete a course, not all records are deleted (like in weblcms_course_rights, there is still a record of that c... Parcifal Aertssen
12:59 Feature #4766 (Bug resolved): Setting: create courses only for admins
Admin option to only allow creation of courses by platform admins (not by teachers) Parcifal Aertssen
12:55 Feature #4765 (Needs more info): Announcement e-mail option also in quick publish
For an announcement you should have the option for sending an e-mail also in the quick publish Parcifal Aertssen


10:45 Feature #4746 (New): "send by email" should be possible AFTER publishing an object
"Send by email" is not an option when you look at the publication details AFTER you've published an object...
This s...
Liesbeth De Blaere
10:41 Feature #4745 (New): No messages should be send in case of invisble objects
It's possible to state that an object should be published 'invisible'.
If so, the what's new icons should not appear...
Liesbeth De Blaere
10:37 Feature #4744 (New): When publication date of object has passed, course administrators still see the object - without any sign
When publication date of object has passed, course administrators still see the object - without any sign.
Students ...
Liesbeth De Blaere

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