From 25/01/2012 to 23/02/2012


10:29 Bug #3636 (Bug resolved): Course groups - export to ods is empty
Koen Favere
10:24 Bug #3703 (Bug resolved): Administration : on new course tab no tool adding possible
Works as platform and course admin.
Michael Hosdez
10:15 Usability #3559: Reporting: Access details of a CO in a course
Maybe it is useful to work with session variables to log a user only ones?
Just a thought ...
Michael Hosdez
10:06 Bug #2501 (Bug resolved): Admin : Buttons not clicking (IE 8, Opera 11.00)
resolved on for IE8 Koen Favere


12:46 Refactoring #4397 (Assigned): course delete : use object methods of dependencies
I'll do this with the course type refactoring Sven Vanpoucke


16:25 Refactoring #4397 (Assigned): course delete : use object methods of dependencies
when a course is deleted, so are the dependencies. however this is handled in the data manager.
it should be handle...
Jens Vanderheyden


15:19 Feature #1524 (Bug resolved): Restriction of student publication in courses...
on Koen Favere
14:58 Bug #2890: Administration: Export: Fatal Error when exporting course information
This is still an issue with the latest code on, it happens when there is an assessment published with ... Koen Favere
14:28 Bug #3077 (Bug resolved): Course: create course table not shown correctly in IE
seems fixed on Koen Favere


14:17 Usability #4367: announcements - description not optional
It would simply be better not to call the announcement itself 'description' Anonymous
11:00 Usability #4367 (New): announcements - description not optional
Creating an announcement, now the description-field is optional - which makes an empty announcement (see scrshot, thi... Anneleen Verckens
11:21 Usability #4370 (New): announcements - ordering by publication period Anneleen Verckens
11:10 Usability #4369 (Bug resolved): Same icon for edit rights and for share
Same icon for edit rights and for share Anneleen Verckens
11:08 Usability #4368 (New): Announcements - overview - click on title = feedback window
when clicking on the title of the announcement in the overview, you get immediately a feedback window, what is not wh... Anneleen Verckens
10:53 Translations #4366 (Bug resolved): 'Description' (beschrijving) versus 'Message' (Bericht) or 'Text' (tekst)
Make a distinction between ‘description’ which is hidden for course users (cf. metadata) (in documents, …) and *‘mess... Anneleen Verckens


13:16 Bug #3878 (Bug resolved): Course groups: Error when recreating course groups
Retested and no bug anymore Stefaan Vanbillemont


13:40 Feature #4274 (New): Introduction Lay-Out Improvement
The lay-out of the introduction on the course page is in our opinion not optimized. The title is unnecessary and the ... helixlearning medewerkers Helix Learning


14:41 Usability #4248 (Bug resolved): same icon for edit publication and for edit object
Laurent Opprecht
14:19 Bug #4245 (Bug resolved): Aldrin: can't create video conference object
Install Aldrin
Go to course
Go to video conference
Publish object
Create - note that no server is installed
Laurent Opprecht
14:05 Bug #4244 (Bug resolved): Aldrin: can't create video object
( ! ) Fatal error: Call to a member function set_owner_id() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\chamilo_21\common\extensio... Laurent Opprecht

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