From 03/11/2011 to 02/12/2011


15:19 Feature #2584 (Bug resolved): Not possible to disable/enable tools once course is created
This is now regulated with the coursetypes settings.
Works fine now.
Koen Favere
15:17 Feature #3403 (Bug resolved): A coursemanager can create courses
This is a setting by the administrator: administration - courses - course type - rightmanagement: uncheck "create ava... dominique de guchtenaere
15:01 Feature #2941 (Bug resolved): Not possible to add users to course groups
Koen Favere
14:59 Usability #3259 (Bug resolved): publishing an assessment or learning_path
Koen Favere
14:56 Usability #3081 (Bug resolved): View-rights on categories in weblcms
Koen Favere
14:54 Usability #3050 (Bug resolved): Course: in tools publish button is not recognized change "Publish" to "Add"?
Publish is an essential concept in Chamilo2.
It's like creating a shortcut to a content object.
We have no proble...
Koen Favere
14:51 Usability #3467 (Bug resolved): published for me/my publications
dominique de guchtenaere
14:50 Usability #3704 (Bug resolved): courses/groups/add users
I think this is resolved now. See screenshot! dominique de guchtenaere
14:35 Usability #2828 (Bug resolved): Courses - Glossary: picklist and button to create
Koen Favere
14:33 Usability #2814: Announcement: no visual indication for new feedback
>The status of the publication will be indicated as new when there's feedback added since the last visit. Is that eno... dominique de guchtenaere
14:25 Translations #2598: Translation: "Courses" should be remaned to My Courses
Indeed a good suggestion. This will be renamed in the next translation session. Koen Favere
14:22 Usability #2639 (Bug resolved): Course Users: It's possible to change course admin to Student
Koen Favere
14:10 Usability #1706 (Bug resolved): Showing objects in the document module. Feedback
Feedback can be unchecked in course administration - course setting lay-out - functionality Koen Favere
14:08 Usability #1575: Maintenance: add select all/unselect all in the course copy option
export still not possible, see issues 2890 and 3819 dominique de guchtenaere
13:58 Bug #4044 (Bug resolved): calendar events not chronological
in the calendar view, the calender event is chronologically displayed
in the table view, it is displayed based on t...
dominique de guchtenaere
13:50 Bug #3878: Course groups: Error when recreating course groups
Problem solved....but new groups are not alfabetiocally sorted anymore. Koen Favere
13:43 Bug #3805 (Bug resolved): learning path item not shown when selected from the learning path item browser
dominique de guchtenaere
13:40 Bug #3803 (Bug resolved): SecurityCodeNotValid Error when viewing the submission for the assignment
dominique de guchtenaere
13:30 Bug #3606: Documents - download button : problem when downloading documents
In google chrome I still get an error message:
Er is een fout opgetreden toen de website http://perspe...
dominique de guchtenaere
13:24 Bug #3700 (Bug resolved): courses/learning path/ builder: empty page when removing learning path items
dominique de guchtenaere
13:23 Bug #4103 (New): Learning path : reset button prerequisites
the prerequisites work fine. The only remark: when I want to remove prerequisites, the reset button doesn't work (in... dominique de guchtenaere
13:23 Bug #3701 (Bug resolved): courses/forum: blank page
Koen Favere
13:22 Bug #3448 (Bug resolved): Learning path : prerequisites in learning path
dominique de guchtenaere
13:21 Bug #2951 (Bug resolved): Courses&Repo/Streaming video: error on inserting Youtube item
Koen Favere
13:20 Bug #3520 (Bug resolved): Error in course settings when no users are subscribed
dominique de guchtenaere
13:19 Bug #3284 (Bug resolved): Document tool edit by student
Using the collaborate right you can overcome this problem. Koen Favere
13:12 Bug #3274 (Bug resolved): No mails sent with announcements
dominique de guchtenaere
13:07 Bug #3044 (Bug resolved): Course: announcement link does not link to object
dominique de guchtenaere
12:21 Bug #3276 (Bug resolved): Selecting documenttitle of MS-Word document results in downloading core.php
Koen Favere
12:20 Bug #3583: Document: doc vs docx
On, also the link to doc has disappeared. Both docx and doc open a pop-up window to download t... dominique de guchtenaere
12:09 Bug #2921: Course : Can't create course in internet explorer 8
same in Windows Vista dominique de guchtenaere
12:03 Bug #2842 (Bug resolved): Courses - Learning path: no progress tracking for SCORM
progress bar works fine dominique de guchtenaere
12:02 Bug #2916 (Bug resolved): Courses/Course maintenance: fatal error
Koen Favere
11:58 Bug #2847 (Bug resolved): Courses - Learning path: audio file offered as download, no play option
If you publish an audio file as such in a learning path, one gets the dowload option. If you want to play it in the ... dominique de guchtenaere
11:56 Bug #2858 (Bug resolved): Courses - Assessment: no 'take assessment' option for hotpotatoe exercise
dominique de guchtenaere
11:38 Bug #4102 (Bug resolved): Blog : impossible to open attachment
I can add an attachment to a blog item, but in the course, it's impossible to open the attachment. Error message: Se... dominique de guchtenaere
11:34 Bug #2606 (Bug resolved): Blog : Blog item attachment icon not visible
dominique de guchtenaere
11:06 Bug #3575 (Bug resolved): student view gone...
Koen Favere


11:20 Bug #3448 (Needs more info): Learning path : prerequisites in learning path
dominique de guchtenaere
11:20 Bug #3448: Learning path : prerequisites in learning path
I tested it on our installation, and it works fine.
The only remark: when I want to r...
dominique de guchtenaere


15:41 Bug #2889 (Bug resolved): CALENDAR EVENT: versioning loses publication
This feature now works as expected. Old versions remain published. Anonymous
15:23 Usability #3820 (Bug resolved): rights in courses
solved on hogent Anonymous
15:21 Bug #3821 (Feature implemented): courses /documents / rights / individual rights /user search
11:23 Bug #3963 (Bug resolved): download documents
dominique de guchtenaere


13:05 Bug #4044 (Bug resolved): calendar events not chronological
e.g if you enter a calender event for a certain date for 14h-15h and you then enter a calendar event for the same dat... Nathalie Blocry

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