From 14/04/2011 to 13/05/2011


13:11 Usability #3407 (Bug resolved): Document: tab my publications
We found out during our chamilo2-course for our teachers that after deleting, editing, viewing the publications in th... Koen Favere
12:48 Usability #3406 (Bug resolved): Learning path: left column
We found out during our chamilo-course for our teachers that the left column of the learning path is in most cases to... Koen Favere


17:41 Feature #3404 (New): course template
added the following
> - is template field
> - copy course with structure
> - quick course create menu item
Laurent Opprecht
17:20 Feature #3403 (Bug resolved): A coursemanager can create courses
There should be a possibility to disable the "Create Course" option in the course overview for course managers.
Michael Hosdez


12:02 Bug #3358 (Bug resolved): Course groups not visible
When publishing a Wiki (or other CO) for a Course Group, only users are visible in the list, not the course groups.
Michael Hosdez


14:00 Bug #3340 (Bug resolved): Cannot delete course
When creating a course as a teacher, the teacher cannot delete the course!
Sometimes I see 'Typename' in the adminis...
Michael Jongkamp
13:39 Bug #3336 (Bug resolved): calender items on homepage do not link to course or description
When making a calender item in a course and want to show your calender on the portal page with calender block (day/mo... Michael Jongkamp
13:22 Support #3334 (Bug resolved): Mail not sent when making announcement
When making an announcement and select send by email no mail is sent.
Michael Jongkamp
13:18 Bug #3276: Selecting documenttitle of MS-Word document results in downloading core.php
Also with pptx (powerpoint) Michael Jongkamp


11:14 Bug #3317 (Bug resolved): Users tool->Browse users; Fatal error
Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchRow() on a non-object in /var/www/chamilo-dev/chamilo-dev/common/librarie... Shoira Mukhsinova


10:29 Bug #3299 (Feature implemented): It's not possible to edit course sections into a course
'Edit' is not available.
See screenshot
Michael Hosdez


15:55 Bug #3292: Real bug
It was not a bug Patrick Roth
15:54 Bug #3292 (Feature implemented): Real bug
Patrick Roth
09:24 Feature #2953 (Needs testing): Courses / Users: missing 'show all users' and actions
09:04 Feature #2953: Courses / Users: missing 'show all users' and actions
completed! Anonymous


15:14 Bug #3284: Document tool edit by student
So what you are saying is that even a course administrator cannot EDIT anything in a course if he did not created it ... Ludwig Theunis
14:40 Bug #3284: Document tool edit by student
Edit right will become edit publication
Delete right will become delete publication
add right will be removed from ...
Sven Vanpoucke
14:36 Bug #3284: Document tool edit by student
So the EDIT right you can set in the document is also not correct, it is an "edit publication".
The DELETE right doe...
Ludwig Theunis
14:07 Bug #3284: Document tool edit by student
A document has an owner. Giving edit rights from the courses should not allow an end user to change the content objec... Sven Vanpoucke
14:05 Bug #3284 (Bug resolved): Document tool edit by student
When you publish a document (created) in the document module of a course and you give students the right to change th... Ludwig Theunis
14:08 Bug #3270: Document: Dropbox delete file: rename it;
When 'Dropbox' will be removed or renamed to something that makes sense, then it can... ;-) Ludwig Theunis
14:03 Bug #3270: Document: Dropbox delete file: rename it;
Yes it will be so i think this issue can be closed? Sven Vanpoucke
14:02 Bug #3270: Document: Dropbox delete file: rename it;
So the assignment tool will become an extra tool in the weblcms? Ludwig Theunis
13:58 Bug #3270: Document: Dropbox delete file: rename it;
In that case the dropbox should be removed from the system because in does not do what the name suggests. You cannot ... Ludwig Theunis
13:42 Bug #3270: Document: Dropbox delete file: rename it;
The document owner can always delete his files (the publication owner has ALL the rights on the publication. The dele... Sven Vanpoucke
13:35 Bug #3270: Document: Dropbox delete file: rename it;
It's not only a bug in the dropbox, but it's a bug in the documents module of the weblcms. Because you can set rights... Ludwig Theunis
10:00 Bug #3270: Document: Dropbox delete file: rename it;
I don't think this is realy a bug.dropbox is just a publication category in the documents tool. It is logical that a ... Nathalie Blocry


15:37 Bug #2641 (Feature implemented): Weblcms User Tool
Same issue as: 2777 Stefaan Vanbillemont
13:31 Bug #3276 (Bug resolved): Selecting documenttitle of MS-Word document results in downloading core.php
When in uploading a MS-Word Document (in this case docx)in the document tool and then select the title to - for examp... Michael Jongkamp
13:23 Bug #3274 (Bug resolved): No mails sent with announcements
When making announcement in course with publication setting (send mail) no mail is sent to users in selected groups Michael Jongkamp


11:58 Bug #3270 (Bug resolved): Document: Dropbox delete file: rename it;
In the dropbox you can set rights to students to be able to add, edit or delete documents.
If you give a student o...
Ludwig Theunis
11:53 Feature #3269 (New): Dropbox course setting
I've tested the dropbox functionality a little bit more.
There's on thing still missing: the course setting to limit...
Ludwig Theunis
11:46 Bug #1523: Document:Dropbox student
I withdraw my previous remarks on the separation between 'publish for' and 'publish by'. The more I think about the m... Ludwig Theunis


10:32 Usability #3117: Courses /Learning path prerequisites: unclear and incomplete
Basic and advanced forms are implemented for building a learning path
Existing prerequisites can be edited
Shoira Mukhsinova
10:30 Feature #3065: weblcms groups
To implement:
- Setting rights
- Automatic assignment of students to the course groups
Shoira Mukhsinova


12:52 Bug #2805 (Bug resolved): Courses - Reporting: view publications leads to other people content :-)
Already fixed Anonymous
11:00 Bug #2813: Maintenance: error while importing course zip
Can't replicate either because I have an error now when exporting :-) Sorry!
PHP Fatal er...
Stefaan Vanbillemont
09:40 Bug #2839 (Bug resolved): Courses - Calendar: wrong reporting
Fixed on stable Anonymous

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