From 19/04/2011 to 18/05/2011


13:51 Bug #3454 (Feature implemented): deleting context links
when a co is deleted, all the context links should be deleted too Nathalie Blocry
13:50 Bug #3453 (New): retrieve context links
does not give you the complete set of all linked content objects. this should be recursive so you get all the linked ... Nathalie Blocry
13:49 Usability #3452 (New): types of co for context link
the co's that can be created as a context link are currently very limited.
this should be extended to all (relevant)...
Nathalie Blocry
13:48 Usability #3451 (New): "default" metadata in contextlinker
the "default" metadata that is available for a content object (title, author, creation date, format, ...) should be s... Nathalie Blocry

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